January 2018
January 2018

A simple mix proportioning method to produce SCC based on compressive strength requirement by modification to IS 10262:2009
M.C. Nataraja, Anvit Gadkar and Giridhar Jogin

Performance studies on self-compacting concrete with self curing chemicals
M. Sri Rama Chand, P. Rathish Kumar, P.S.N.R. Giri, G. Rajesh Kumar

Optimization of SCC mix design using nan-su theory embodying DOE method
Athiyamaan. V. and G. Mohan Ganesh

Effect of artificial sand on fresh characteristics of self-compacting geopolymer concrete
C. Sashidhar, B. Radhamma, J. Guru Jawahar, C. Yedukondalu

Numerical simulation for evaluating the fracture energy of self-compacting concrete
 M. Bhavya, T. Hemalatha and Saptarshi Sasmal

High-performance SCCs containing fly ash
K. Ganesh Babu and B. Chandrasekhar





POINT OF VIEW: Studies on properties of internal sealing of self-compacting concrete using polyethylene glycol
A. Sofi and Bopardikar M. Satish

POINT OF VIEW: Effect of fineness modulus of manufactured sand on fresh properties of self-compacting concrete
D. Pavan Kumar and C. Sashidhar

POINT OF VIEW: Evaluating the potential of fuzzy logic to predict compressive strength of lightweight concrete, SCC, and fly ash
Milad Ghanbari, Mohammad Hossein Fardani and Majid Ghanbari

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