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Confluence of requirements for sustainable and durable concrete
A.K. Mullick
Embodied energy – A measure of sustainability of buildings
Smitha J.S., Tejaswini D.N. and Shrikant Charhate
Studies on applicability of Dewar’s theory of particle packing to concrete mix proportioning for sustainable development
G. Indu Siva Ranjani, Aman Kumar Jain and Dino George
Durability studies on basalt fibre reinforced concrete
S.K. Kirthika, S.K. Singh and M. Surya
Durability assessment of slurry infiltrated fiber concrete by using various pozzolanic materials
A.P. Shelorkar and P.D. Jadhao
Strength and durability properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced, recycled coarse aggregate concrete
Sneha Das, Paramveer Singh and Vijyant Singh Negi
Effect of natural admixture on durability properties of conventional and Class C fly ash blended concrete
T.S. Ramesh Babu and D. Neeraja
Durability evaluation of precast concrete paver block, using steel slag and PET fibres
Rajbir Singh and Sanjay Goel






POINT OF VIEW: Strength and durability of high performance engineered cementitious composites

A. Arun Kumar, Omansh Sharma, Sarthak Bansal and Vaibhav Singhai


POINT OF VIEW: Construction cost effectiveness of sustainable buildings in warm and humid climate zone of India

Abhay S. Avhad and Gayatri S. Vyas

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