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Characterisation of crushed fine aggregate for use in concrete based on methylene blue test
M.C. Nataraja, S. Karthik and A.N. Madhusudan
Relationship between destructive and non-destructive studies on compressive strength of copper slag admixed fibre reinforced concrete
Seshadri Sekhar. T., Binaya Patnaik, and P. Srinivasa Rao
An experimental investigation on basalt fibre reinforced concrete subjected to sulphate attack
Haris Hazaratbhai, B.R Patagundi and S.S. Salimath
Effect of TIPA and LP on properties of fresh and hardened concrete
Rahul Singh






CASE STUDY: Evolving construction methodology and specifications for concrete pumping through 2.432 km at Sainj HEP

Chetan Hazaree


POINT OF VIEW: Review of critical design provisions of IS 1893 (Part 4): 2015

Alka Y. Pisal and Yogesh Pisal


POINT OF VIEW: A brief review on demolition of bridges

S. Saibabu and P. Srinivasan

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