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Performances of columns reinforced with PSWC-bars and other rebars
Anil K. Kar, Urmil V. Dave and Ritesh S. Varu
Study on flexural behaviour of reinforced high strength concrete beams
V.V. Arora, Brijesh Singh and Vikas Patel
Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beam strengthened by textile reinforced concrete: Experimental and numerical study
Huy-Cuong Nguyen and Dang-Quang Ngo
Design of rectangular coal bunker of large capacity
R.L. Dinesh and Sandhya Krishnamurthy
Optimization study of pile foundation for stacker reclaimer
Sanjoy Chowdhury
Efficient preliminary design of reinforced concrete frames with vulnerability indices
Arshad K. Hashmi, Syed Muhammad Ibrahim and Alok Madan
Performance of composite steel-concrete shear walls with encased vertical steel sections
P.P. Phadnis, D.K. Kulkarni, A.B. Kulkarni and V.V. Karjinni
Study on beam-column joints wrapped with woven glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
Pranoy Roy and P. Sachithanantham






POINT OF VIEW: A critical study on empirical period - height relationship for reinforced concrete moment resisting frame buildings

Shilpa P. Kewate and M.M. Murudi


POINT OF VIEW: Challenges in analysis, design and construction of sea water cooling system

Anirban Bhattacharya and A. Mhatre

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