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Replacement of conventional steel rebar with bamboo reinforcement in concrete beams
K.K. Pathak and Dheeraj Kumar Jat
Use of walls in controlling detrimental effects of stiffness irregularity in RC buildings on hill slopes
Aditya B. Deshmukh and Rupen Goswami
An experimental study on light transmitting concrete
B. Yamini Nirmal
Study on stress strain characteristics of high strength concrete
Brijesh Singh, V.V. Arora and Vikas Patel
Strength property of rice husk based geopolymer mortar
Salmabanu Luhar, Pushkal Agrawal, Shubham Goswami and Sandeep Chaudhary
Influence of fly ash and bottom ash on properties of glass and polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete
Virendra Kumara K.N and S.B. Anadinni
Development of analysis curves for reinforced concrete beam sections based on simple approach of mechanics
Arshad K. Hashmi, Syed Muhammad Ibrahim and Alok Madan






POINT OF VIEW: Smart concrete

Dhanada K. Mishra, Jing Yu and Christopher K.Y. Leung

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