March 2016

MARCH  2016

Study on reduction of pavement noise using porous concrete
Abhijeet S. Gandage, V. Vinayaka Ram, Manish Panwar, Meet Shah and Rishabh Singhvi

Structural effects of haunched braces in elevated service reservoir staging
Abhay Khandeshe and R.K. Ingle

An experimental study on the strength characteristics of slurry infiltrated fibrous ferrocement with partial replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand
G.S. Sudhikumar, Mohan Kumar D.D. and Meghana N. Kumar

Performance of polymer modified polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete with low fiber volume fractions
Yuwaraj M. Ghugal




DISCUSSION FORUM: Effect of weak and soft storeys on seismic performance of reinforced concrete frames with unreinforced brick infills

POINT OF VIEW: Strength and durability studies of multi blended concretes containing fly ash and silica fume
G.V. Ramana, Malsani Potharaju, N. V. Mahure and Murari Ratnam

POINT OF VIEW: Effect of mineral and chemical admixtures on the properties of mortar and concrete – A review
Rahul Singh, S.M. Gupta and Babita Saini