Jan 2016




Development of nano modified photocatalyst enabled cement composites

Maitri Mapa, A. Rama Chandra Murthy and Nagesh R. Iyer

An experimental investigation on nano-TiO2 and fly ash based high performance concrete

Tiago Martins, F. Pacheco Torgal, SÚrgio Miraldo, JosÚ Barroso Aguiar and Carlos Jesus


Investigation on lightweight aggregate concrete using pumice as partial replacement of coarse aggregate

Aditi Singh and Shilpa Pal


Analysis of waste clay brick as supplementary cementitious material

Sandeep D. Kadam, Shilpa Kewate, Sandeep V. Keskar and Subrato Chowdhury


Prediction of long term compressive strength of concrete made with supplementary cementitious material through regression analysis

T. Hemalatha, Hari Hara Sudhan and Nagesh R. Iyer


Characterization of manufactured fine aggregates based on uncompacted void content as per ASTM C 1252-03 – Urgent need for Indian scenario

M.C. Nataraja, S. Karthik and A.N. Madhusudan


Determining efficiency factor of fly ash for the design and strength prediction of concrete

Supratic Gupta, Vimete Pusa and Khuito Murumi





POINT OF VIEW: Need of an efficient procedure for the evaluation of pozzolanic performance of supplementary cementitious materials
A. Bahurudeen, Hemalatha M.S. and Manu Santhanam

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