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Rheological behaviour of concrete with some supplementary cementitious material
Ashok K. Tiwari, Urmil V. Dave and Sushank Bansal
Experimental studies on rheological properties of conventional vibrated concrete using direct shear box
Ajay N., Ashwin. M. Joshi, Girish. S. and Harshitha M.R.
Studying behaviour of concrete under impact loading using a new method
Aniruddha Baral, Abhishek Saraf and Sudhir Misra
Contribution of existing lateral load resisting systems in seismic response of multistory structure
Chaithra P., Ambrish G. and H. Sharada Bai
Effect of the internal curing using attapulgite aggregate on the strength of roller compacted concrete
Basil S. Al-Shathr, Osama A. Eedan and Yasir J. Farhan
Effect of temperature on fly ash concrete
A. Venkateswara Rao and K. Srinivasa Rao






POINT OF VIEW: Estimation of compressive strength of in-situ concrete

Chandrakant B. Shah and Mihir P. Vora

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