Geopolymer paste cured at ambient temperature through OPC addition
  Pranav Wadhwa and B. Bhattacharjee
  Geopolymer has a major drawback that, it requires high curing temperature to get substantial strength. This increases the energy consumption and limits the use of this material to pre-cast elements only. Arrangement for thermal curing on site is a cumbersome task. In this paper, an attempt to cure geopolymer paste at ambient temperature through addition of small amount of OPC is presented. Apart from cement content, other factors effecting the properties of geopolymer are identified and interaction study is performed to check interdependency of these factors. Setting times, compressive strength tests (3, 7 and 28 day) and water absorption tests are done under two curing regimes: dry curing and wet curing. The research is done with aims towards reduction of the CO2 emissions, reduction in natural resources consumption and enhancement in fly ash utilization.