Efficient preliminary design of reinforced concrete frames with vulnerability indices
  Arshad K. Hashmi, Syed Muhammad Ibrahim and Alok Madan
  Designing a structure is an iterative process, wherein preliminary trial designs have to be evaluated and iterated till the performance objectives are achieved. From this viewpoint, development of an efficient (i.e. near optimum) preliminary design approach for performance based seismic design considering different structural irregularities with minimum number of trials is an important objective. Vulnerability indices can be used as good indicators for the evaluation of the structures; thus can be a handy tool for designing the structures. The current paper presents an efficient preliminary design procedure for Reinforced Concrete (RC) frames based on vulnerability indices. The efficient design procedure was implemented for trial performance based seismic design of regular frame (i.e. Bare RC Frame) and irregular frame (i.e. Open Ground Storey RC Frame). The linear (i.e. equivalent static analysis) and nonlinear static analysis (i.e. pushover analysis) were used for the investigation of the design procedure. The results show that the proposed efficient design procedure is effective in attaining the objectives of the performance based seismic design framework.