Optimization study of pile foundation for stacker reclaimer
  Sanjoy Chowdhury
  “Stacker Reclaimer” is used for stacking and reclaiming of raw materials in the stockyard of various industrial Plants. Stacker Reclaimer moves on rails and it is very important to restrict the differential settlement in between the rails for smooth movement of the equipment. The task of restricting the settlement within tolerable limit is more challenging when soil layer beneath the formation level is filled up during levelling grading of the site and the sub strata is silty clay/ silty clay and sand beneath the filled up zone. In such case open foundation usually is not a viable solution and pile foundation is preferred. Total length of foundation being quite high (600 to 900 m) and piles being costly, it is important to explore various options of foundation systems to arrive at a cost effective solution. In this paper, soil strata of an industrial project have been used for analysis and design of various structural systems with pile foundation to obtain a cost effective solution.