Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beam strengthened by textile reinforced concrete: Experimental and numerical study
  Huy-Cuong Nguyen and Dang-Quang Ngo
  Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is a new building material, where the high strength fabrics and fine grained concrete are used in combination. This composite material is particularly suitable for retrofitting and strengthening of concrete structures lying in the harmful environments or exposing to direct sunlight. In this study, the effectiveness of TRC, as a means of increasing the flexural capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) beams, is experimentally and numerically investigated. Toward that goal, four RC beams are strengthened with different number of carbon textile layers and two other one as reference have been tested. The flexural performance of RC beams strengthened with TRC has also been investigated by means of a finite element (FE) analysis on finite element analysis software. The numerical simulations are validated by the experimental results, showing reasonable agreement in all the specimens. Using these verified FE models, a parametric analysis was carried out on three parameters that may affect the overall performance of the TRC strengthened beams, including the textile reinforcement ratio, the steel reinforcement ratio and the concrete strength.