Effect of TIPA and LP on properties of fresh and hardened concrete
  Rahul Singh
  The construction industry is showing rapid growth. In order to save money, energy, environment and resources, the addition of admixtures to concrete has increased. In order to reduce the cost, there is pressure to reduce the construction time. Construction time can be reduced with the use of admixtures, which has have become popular these days and are being used in many prestigious projects. Chemical admixtures such as TIPA, TEA are some of them. Limestone powder can also be used as a cement replacement, because cement manufacture causes carbon dioxide emission resulting in harm to the earth’s ecosystem. Addition of such materials has resulted in improvement of strength of concrete. The present paper deals with the study of properties such as workability, compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength of M20 mix incorporating different percentages of TIPA keeping limestone powder constant.