Durability evaluation of precast concrete paver block, using steel slag and PET fibres
  Rajbir Singh and Sanjay Goel
  This paper presents an evaluation of the durability performance of concrete paving block where steel slag was used as a partial replacement of fine aggregate with addition of waste PET fibres in different proportions. Nowadays industrial and domestic waste is a major problem for the environment. In this present research work of re-using waste will not only increase the practical utility of this product, but also make the concrete mixes economical and reduce the threat to environment by being polluted by wastes like basic furnace slag and waste PET bottles. The performance was evaluated in terms of effect on abrasion resistance, water absorption of steel slag and PET fibre reinforced concrete. The standard zigzag type 60 mm thick paver blocks were cast and tested. Laboratory experimentation was carried out to analyze the performance of M35 grade of concrete.