Rebar identification, cover thickness and diameter estimation in reinforced concrete members using cover meter and GPR techniques
  Bhaskar Sangoju, S. Vasanthakumar, K. Ramanjaneyulu and K. Sivasubramanian
  To explore the reliable applicability of Cover meter and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), parametric studies have been carried out on the laboratory cast test specimens for the identification of rebar, estimation of cover thickness and rebar diameter. Studies are also carried out on field members for the rebar identification and cover thickness estimation. Laboratory test results reveal that (i) Cover meter is effective in identifying the rebar, estimating cover thickness and diameter for shallow covers up to 40 to 50 mm, (ii) GPR is good in identifying rebar and cover thickness estimation for shallow as well as deep covers even beyond 150 mm. Field studies further reveal that GPR is good and effective for rebar identification and cover thickness estimation in the case of closely spaced/heavily reinforced concrete structural members, when compared to that of Cover meter.