About Us
Dedicated to Civil Engineering, Concrete and Construction
since the last eight decades

History :

The Indian Concrete Journal (ICJ) is the oldest and the foremost civil engineering journal of its kind and repute in India. It was founded way back in August 1927 and since then it is relentlessly disseminating latest technological progress in the spheres of civil and structural engineering, cement and concrete technologies and construction. The back volumes of the ICJ not only highlight the strides made by the construction industry in India but also provide a documentation of how design and construction practices evolved in the country. Construction practices and techniques deployed over the world are also highlighted regularly in the features.

For over eight decades, the ICJ has adapted itself to changing needs of the construction industry in India. Both the form and contents of the journal have undergone changes from time to time. However, the basic task of publishing latest information in the spheres of cement and concrete technologies, and newer concepts in design and construction techniques have been ceaselessly carried out. Also, the results of R&D and other technical progress have been consistently brought to the notice of the readers. This relentless dissemination of latest technical knowledge coupled with constant advocation of good engineering practices, quality control and pursuit of technological excellence has benefited Indian engineers, consultants, architects, contractors, researchers, etc. and has made ICJ what it is today - one of the most reputed civil engineering journals in India and abroad.


Contribution from experts, both from India and abroad.
Prominent coverage to many interesting and innovative concrete construction works carried out in India and abroad.
Thought-provoking editorials on the topics of current interest.
Many regular features like Construction Abroad, News and Events, Special Reports, etc.
Recent arrivals in equipment and products meant for the concrete construction industry are highlighted regularly.
Latest titles are reviewed in the “Book Review” column.

International reach
The readership of the journal extends to over 50 countries of the world and it is regarded as one of the most important world journals in concrete.

Readership and Circulation
The readership of the journal is spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. Most of the subscribers of the journal are institutional / organisational and hence the total readership of the journal is in multiple of its circulation. As per a brief sample survey carried out by us, the total readership of the journal is estimated to be in the range of 40,000 to 50,000.