Telcon: A good track record

Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd (Telcon) was incorporated in March 1999, although the seeds of this company were sown in 1961 when the Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited (Telco) set up the Excavators Division at Jamshedpur for the manufacture of crawler cranes and rope shovels in collaboration with Pauling & Harneischfeger of the USA. In 1984, Telco collaborated with Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited, Japan, for the manufacture of the UH series of hydraulic excavators. Subsequently, in 1990, the Tata-Hitachi EX series of excavators were launched. In 1991, the Excavators Division was named Construction Equipment Division (CED) which in 1994 formed the Construction Equipment Business Unit (CEBU). The first machine rolled out from their new manufacturing facility at Dharwad in 1999. In 2000, it became a joint venture company with Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd, Japan picking up a 20 percent stake with the rest being owned by Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd.

Starting with rope shovels, Telcon today has a wide range of hydraulic excavators in the country. At this juncture, Telcon is all set to launch the V-series of hydraulic excavators featuring computer and engine pump controls and a variety of work modes. In its endeavour to make Telcon a one-stop shop, it has introduced to the Indian markets, equipment which are outside their manufacturing range by importing them from Hitachi and their associates the worldwide. Today, Telcon has over 66 percent market share in hydraulic excavators, 100 percent in crawler crane and 20 percent in wheel loader.

Telcon’s equipment have been deployed in many large projects in the country; some of them being Konkan Railway, Mumbai-Pune expressway, Reliance Petroleum, Tehri dam, Dabhol Power Project, the national highway projects, various optical fibre cable (OFC) laying projects undertaken in the country at present, etc.

Tata-Hitachi EX600V

t is a hydraulic excavator having an engine power of 272 kW. The operating weights of the backhoe and the shovel are 57,000 kg and 59,500 kg, respectively. The bucket capacity of the backhoe is 2.5 – 3.5 m3 and that of shovel is 3.5 – 4.0 m3.

The new computer-aided engine-pump (E-P) control system is designed for higher job efficiency with less fuel consumption and less noise. The main pump consists of two variable displacement axial piston pumps, where the maximum flow is 2 x 382 l/min. The pilot pump is a one-gear pump with maximum flow of 30 l/min. All hydraulic circuits have high quality hydraulic filters for protection against oil contamination. There are pilot controls for

all functions with shockless valve and quick warm-up system built in the pilot system. The swing mechanism consists of a high-torque, axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear bathed in oil having a swing speed of 8 rpm. It finds applications in mining and quarrying and is gaining popularity in limestone mining too.

Tata-Hitachi EX40

Tata-Hitachi EX40 is a mini excavator with an engine power of 36PS at 2100 rpm, an operating weight of 4100 kg and bucket capacity of 0.09-0.15 m3.

It has advanced features like optimum hydraulic system for easy and smooth combined operation of attachment and swing travel. Easy inspection and maintenance is permitted by HN bushings. These eliminate the need to lubricate most of the parts of the EX40 greatly extending lubricating intervals. These bushings are made of a sintered composite iron alloy vacuum impregnated in micron sized pores with high viscosity lubricating oil.

Rubber shoes, a variety of buckets, single point ripper are the optional attachments to this model.



Tata TMX20


This mini excavator has an engine power of 39 PS at 3000 rpm with an operating weight of 2200 kg and bucket capacity of 0.07 m3.

The swivel boom enhances reach in confined areas and also makes dumping easy, its 360o swing increases productivity. The machine is small enough to be transported on a truck, it can be used for in-city applications such as drainage work, canal work, sewerage tunnels and garbage handling. Its compact size and rock breaker make a combination for tunnelling works and its augur fitment makes it useful for piling work.

It can be provided with dozer blade, single point ripper, rubber shoes, augur rock breaker and trench bucket as attachments.




Tata-Hitachi hydraulic excavators ranging from 2 t to 60 t class

  • Tata TMX 20

  • Tata-Hitachi EX40

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 65

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 100

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 200LC

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 210LCH-V

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 300LC

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 400

  • Tata-Hitachi EX 600-V

(ii) Tata crawler cranes ranging from 18 t to 100 t lifting capacity

  • Tata 320

  • TFC 75

  • Tata TFC280

  • Tata-Hitachi KH 500 hydraulic crawler crane

(iii) Tata TWL 3036 wheel loader

(iv) Tata-JD 315SE backhoe loader

Special features

(i) Telcon’s latest V-series hydraulic excavators have the following additional features for efficient operation, higher productivity and operator comfort.


  • Advance hydraulic system – micro-processor based control EP system

  • HP mode for more productivity and E mode for reduced fuel consumption

  • Four work modes for increased productivity

  • Power boost

  • Auto idle

  • Dual travel speed

  • Swing cushion valves

  • Reinforced attachments

(ii) Tata wheel loader

  • The all Z advantage – ZF transmission, ZF axle and Z bar linkage

  • Microprocessor controls

Foreign tie-up

  • Hitachi Construction Machinery, Japan for the Tata-Hitachi range of excavators and hydraulic crawler cranes and dump trucks

  • John-Deere, USA for Tata-JD backhoe loader

  • Tadano, Japan for their entire range of tyre-mounted cranes, rough terrain


crane, all-terrain crane and truck-mounted loader cranes

After-sales support

  • All products backed by prompt after-sales support

  • 35 dealer network

  • Specially designed service schemes like annual maintenance contract, annual service contracts, site overhaul, etc to cater to specific needs

  • Opening more repair and reconditioning workshops

Challenging jobs encountered

  • Tunnels on Konkan Railway, Mumbai-Pune expressway, Tehri dam

  • Reliance Petroleum projects where nearly 100 Telcon machines were deployed

Latest additions

Telcon will be shortly launching the next generation of 30 t class (Tata-Hitachi EX 350LCH-V) excavator and 36 t (Tata EH 600) off highway dumper. Telcon will also be launching the Tata XL 4500 skid steer loader in this quarter.



Tata-Hitachi EX65

This hydraulic excavator has an engine power of 55 PS at 2000 rpm, with an operating weight of 6500 kg, 6970 kg with dozer and bucket capacity of 0.1-0.3 m3.

Some of its advantages include: use in restricted areas, the optimum hydraulic system ensuring smooth and speedy operations and fuel efficiency.

Being faster, it is more productive; equipped with a dozer blade it can be used for dozing and levelling, with rubber shoes it can be plied on roads. Attachments like rock breaker, trench bucket, ripper and augur ensure its versatility.

The applications include: use in trenching when fitted with a narrow bucket, use in agriculture and salt farms, granite quarries for handling granite blocks.


Tata-Hitachi EX100


This hydraulic excavator has an engine power 76 PS at 2300 rpm. The backhoe operating weight is 10,700 kg and the bucket capacity is 0.5-0.6m3. The shovel attachment is available with a bucket capacity of 0.60 m3, and is very successful in tunnelling work because of shorter swing radius.

Optional attachments include tunnel loader, rock breaker, single point ripper, chamshell bucket, slope finishing blade.



Tata–Hitachi EX 300LC-H

Being a heavy backhoe, it is more robust; it has a reliable and populous engine. The engine is a six-cylinder in-line turbo-charged water cooled with after cooler. Its pilot controls have shockless regulator and quick warm-up system. 

The swing mechanism consists of one high torque, axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear bathed in oil. It is easy to maintain and spare parts are available easily, it has heavy duty undercarriage and heavy duty reinforced attachment, it has higher capacity oil cooler and air cleaner.

Its optional attachments are its long arm, ripper bucket, hydraulic breaker and one point ripper. It finds wide applications in excavation, mining, quarrying, tunnelling, material handling, dredging, etc.


Tata-Hitachi EX400-V


It boasts of a rated engine power of 280 PS with operating weight of 41,000 kg and the bucket capacity of backhoe is 2.07 – 2.80 m3 and that of shovel is 2.80 – 3.0 m3.

This hydraulic excavator has a high pressure 2-speed travel system for high traction force and travel speed.



Tata-Hitachi EX 210LCH-V

It has an engine power of 135PS at 1950 rpm with an operating weight of 20,550 kg with a bucket capacity of 1 m3 and a swing speed if 13.9 rpm resulting in high productivity.

Some of its features include: advanced hydraulic system, HP mode for more productivity, E mode for reduced fuel consumption, four work modes for increased productivity, fluid-filled elastic mounts, pump bulk head, easy maintenance permitted by HN bushings.


Tata JD 315 SE – Backhoe loader


It has a new excavator style backhoe boom made of high tensile strength steel for better reaches and visibility with box construction that prevents damaged to hydraulic hoses and gives additional strength. It has ZF transmission which is four speed, helical cut gear, collar shift transmission, synchronised in all gears with power shift, forward-reverse.


 The bucket digging force is 3300 kg. It has latest state-of-the art controls catering to aggressive operations, faster road speeds, high manoeuvrability and superior hydraulics.

Its optional attachments include: extendible dipper, rock breaker, four-wheel drive, loader quick coupler, ditch cleaning bucket, trench bucket, single point ripper, 6-in-1 bucket and jaw bucket.


For more details, please contact:

Telco Construction Equipment Company Limited
Jubilee Building,
45, Museum Road,
Bangalore 560 025.
Tel: (080) 558 3345, 558 3346
Fax: (080) 558 3343


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