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Design aid for choice of preliminary dimensions of shear walls in high rise buildings
D.V. Shivaram, A. Vinod Kumar and P. S. Rao
Use of glass fibre reinforced gypsum panels with reinforced concrete infills for construction of walls and slabs
Shinto Paul, Philip Cherian, Devdas Menon and A Meher Prasad
Study of bond strength of high strength concrete
Shaikh M. Zubair and S.S. Jamkar
Assessment of cause of distress in concrete arch dam – A case study
V.V. Arora, B.R.K. Pillai, Brijesh Singh and V.P. Chatterjee
Static and dynamic stability analysis of elastic flanged no-tension masonry beam-columns
Mamta R. Sharma, Arbind K. Singh and Gurmail S. Benipal






BOOK REVIEW: A House Builder’s Handbook - Building Materials, Construction and Maintenance


POINT OF VIEW: Effect of high temperature on high strength RC confined columns with steel fibers .

S.M. Talha, A. Masood, M. Arif and M. Shariq


POINT OF VIEW: Discussion of calculation method on ultimate bearing capacity of composite piles .

Yue Jain-Wei, Xu An-quan, Song Da and Zheng Kai

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