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Residential masonry constructions and their earthquake safety in the rural area of Mandi district
Ramona Sygula, Kaustav Sarkar and Balthasar Novák and Matthias Bunz
Performance of standard and high strength concrete mixes consisting of different combination of supplementary cementing materials based on RCPT
M. Vijaya Sekhar Reddy and M.C. Nataraja
Effect of cooling regimes on strength, near surface characteristics and modulus of elasticity of hybrid fibre reinforced ternary blended concretes subjected to sustained elevated temperatures
Ashish A. Yaligar and Shrikant B. Vanakudre
Microstructure modification of cementitious composites for enhanced engineering properties using nano-graphene oxide layers
Shamanth Gowda T. and R.V. Ranganath
Experimental and analytical studies on flexural behavior of geopolymer concrete
Annapurna D. and Ravande Kishore






POINT OF VIEW: Need of an efficient particle size analysis and its influence on properties of concrete

Athira Gopinath, Bahurudeen A., Akilesh Ramesh and Naveen Kumar

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