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Importance of rheological properties of fresh concrete - A review
S. Girish and N. Ajay
A critical review of IS 13920:2016
Ashok K. Jain
Performance of micro steel polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete under impact load
A. Arun Kumar, Pratibha, Neha Sharma and Geetanjali Tiwari
Performance evaluation of PVA fiber reinforced concrete
Gayathri K.S. and K.B. Anand
Comparison of efficiency of colloidal nanosilica and microsilica in cement concrete
Lincy Varghese, V.V.L.Kanta Rao and Lakshmy Parameswaran
Performance of heat and ambient cured geopolymer concrete exposed to elevated temperatures
J. Venkateswara Rao, K. Srinivasa Rao and K. Rambabu
Effect of high temperature on the mechanical properties of concrete with manufactured sand
Narayana Suresh, Vivek Bindiganavile and Manjunatha M.






POINT OF VIEW: Carbonation induced deterioration of concrete structures Syed S. Rizvi, Saleem Akhtar and Sanjeev K. Verma

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