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Simple and cost effective methods to test the fineness of fly ash
Abhinav Bindal, Saureesh Sahai, Satya Medepalli and Shashank Bishnoi
HFRHPC interior beam-column-joints with slab under reverse cyclic loading
N. Ganesan, M. Nidhi and P.V. Indira
Design methodology for fibre reinforced concrete slabs-on-grade based on inelastic analysis
Sunitha K. Nayar and Ravindra Gettu
Study of the parameters governing the chloride induced corrosion of reinforcement steel in cracked concrete
Bhaskar Sangoju, Ravindra Gettu and B.H. Bharatkumar
Evaluation of performance of concrete with calcined clay limestone cement
Ashok K. Tiwari, Sandeep Keskar and Subrato Chowdhury






POINT OF VIEW: Some steps towards producing durable structures in cement concrete at project sites .

Kartik Chandra Ta


POINT OF VIEW: Challenges in design and construction of temporary bridges across water bodies .

Vivek G. Abhyankar

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