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Quartz and feldspar as alternate coarse aggregates for sustainable concrete construction
M.V. Krishna Rao, P. Rathish Kumar and Seshadri Sekhar Tirumala
Use of fly ash concrete and recycled concrete aggregates A cost-effective solution and durable option for construction of concrete roads
V.V. Arora and Brijesh Singh
Effect of indigenous aggregate type on mechanical properties of high strength concrete
V.V. Arora, Brijesh Singh and Shubham Jain
Studies on self compacting concrete with steel slag as fine aggregate using empirical method
Krishnamurthy Pandurangan and Thurvada Mohan Supraja
An experimental study on the use of blast furnace slag sand as an alternative to fine aggregate in self compacting concrete with emphasis on sustainability
S. Girish and Karthik Pattaje S.
Durability studies of chemically cured fly ash pellet aggregate geopolymer concrete
K.V. Viswa Kireeti and J. Karthikeyan
Influence of different demolished old structures concrete as coarse aggregate on properties of concrete
M. Chakradhara Rao, S.K. Bhattacharyya and S.V. Barai








POINT OF VIEW: Performance of pervious concrete with recycled concrete aggregate .

P. Pal, S. Shukla and A.K. Ranjan


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