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Structural performances of self-curing concrete using recycled coarse aggregate A comparative study
Malindu Sandanayake, A. Yenduri, P.V. Indira and G. Zhang
Commercially available construction and demolition waste recycled coarse aggregate in the manufacture of concrete
Rakesh Kumar and Chakrapani Shekhawat
Flexural behaviour of ferrochrome ash concrete beams
Prasanna K. Acharya and Sanjaya K. Patro
Light weight, high strength ashcrete with bottom ash
V. Yoganand and B. Bhattacharjee
Analysis of waste glass as supplementary cementitious material
Sandeep D. Kadam, Shilpa Kewate, Sandeep V. Keskar and Subrato Chowdhury
Parametric and experimental studies on the performance of SCC using alternative sands through mix design
M.C. Nataraja, Ranjitha Manohar, Navya A. Varghese and Romika R. Kotian








POINT OF VIEW: Quality control and mix design practice in India and sustainable concrete

B. Bhattacharjee


POINT OF VIEW: Strength development in concrete using agricultural byproduct and use of soft computing models to predict strength parameter

Swaptik Chowdhury, Aastha Maniar and O.M. Suganya


POINT OF VIEW: An approach to bolster up the logistic link of supply chain in cement industries through value engineering techniques

B. Ramesh, Utpal Baul and V. Srinivasan


POINT OF VIEW: Non-consistent results in waste utilization in concrete

S.V. Deodhar

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