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Nanoparticulate matters in cement, concrete and construction Performance and EHS perspectives
Anjan K. Chatterjee
Influence of silica fume on alkali-silica reaction : A comprehensive study using accelerated tests on cement mortar bars
A. Poonguzhali, M.G. Pujar, V. Venkatachalapathy, J. Ashok Kumar, K.V. Rajkumar, Anish Kumar, C. Mallika and U. Kamachi Mudali
Behavior of shear wall with openings - A review
Muthukumar G. and Manoj Kumar
Parametric study of carbon FRP prestressed concrete box girders
Shamsher B. Singh and Siddharth Awasthi
Parametric evaluation of tension stiffening effect for reinforced concrete nuclear facility structures
Nitheesh N., Sudipta Chattopadhyaya and C. Sivathanu Pillai






POINT OF VIEW: Unification of ordinary portland cement codes .

M.C. Nataraja


POINT OF VIEW: Equivalent static analysis of box culvert for fire tender loading .

Prasad R. Vaidya

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