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HPC to UHPC Are we ready for the transition ?
A.K. Mullick
Durability study of binary blended high performance concrete
Vatsal N. Patel and Niraj Shah
Compressive strength properties of HPC mixes containing binary and quaternary blends
Allam Lingam and J.Karthikeyan
Optimisation of ultrafine additives for durable high strength concrete
Ashok K. Tiwari and Abhishek Bhattacharya
High performance fibre reinforced cement concrete slender shear walls with barbells
N. Ganesan, P.V. Indira and Seena P.
Experimental studies on short term mechanical properties of high strength concrete
V.V. Arora, Brijesh Singh and Shubham Jain
Flexure behaviour of reinforced cement concrete and post tensioned beams using high strength hybrid fiber self compacting concrete using quartz materials
B. Narendra Kumar and P. Srinivasa Rao
Experimental study on high performance concrete with used foundry sand in partial replacement of fine aggregates
Seshadri Sekhar T. and Salim P. M.






DISCUSSION FORUM: Urgent need for a new aggregate standard


DISCUSSION FORUM: Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on the strength and durability properties of recycled aggregate concrete


POINT OF VIEW: Comparison of mechanical properties of nano concrete with conventional high strength concrete .

V. Sai Kiran, V. Sandeep Chowdary and P. Veerabhadra Rao

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