Performance studies on self-compacting concrete with self curing chemicals
  M. Sri Rama Chand, P. Rathish Kumar, P.S.N.R. Giri, G. Rajesh Kumar
  Addition of self curing compounds in Self-compacting Concrete (SCC) is necessitated to overcome the issues of improper compacting and curing that are being faced in construction industry. The present study investigates the efficiency of hydrophilic (Polyethylene Glycol-4000) and hydrophobic (Liquid Paraffin Wax-Light) chemicals as self curing compounds in SCC. The parameters of the study include curing compound and its dosage, curing regime and age of curing. The studies include water retention capacity, compressive strength test, durability studies (Rapid Chloride Permeability Test, Sorptivity and Porosity) and micro-level studies (Scanning Electron Microscope and X-Ray Diffraction) were conducted to ascertain the suitable self curing compound and its optimum dosage for SCC. Both micro and macro studies confirmed the advantage of adding self curing compounds in SCC to attain improved strengths and durability characteristics than no cured concrete specimens.