A simple mix proportioning method to produce SCC based on compressive strength requirement by modification to IS 10262:2009
  M.C. Nataraja, Anvit Gadkar and Giridhar Jogin
  In recent years SCC has found wide application because of its ability to completely fill the densest of formwork by consolidating under its own weight. This concern to maintain the fresh property is the basis for most of the mix proportioning methodologies suggested in the literature. In this paper a simple procedure, by slight modification to IS 10262:2009, is established, taking into consideration the compressive strength and not exceeding the limits prescribed by EFNARC. Initially 25 mix proportions with varying water and slag content were cast to establish a relationship between the water to cementitious and compressive strength of SCC. Based on the preliminary analysis a simple mix design procedure is suggested, which takes into consideration the limits suggested by EFNARC. In this method a range of compressive strength varying from 25-60 MPa is aimed at. Based on the proposed mix design, six mixtures were tested to examine its validity. The fresh properties and concrete strength result obtained were in good agreement with the desired design strength.