Experimental and analytical studies on flexural behavior of geopolymer concrete
  Annapurna D. and Ravande Kishore
  The major problem the world facing today is the environmental pollution, where in construction industry also contributes to an extent of 6-8% of total pollution. However construction industry can reduce its contribution to the environment pollution by utilising industry by-products in the form of mineral admixtures. Geopolymer concrete (GPC) manufactured using mineral admixtures such as Fly ash, GGBS, micro silica etc. is one major solution. This paper describes an experimental and analytical investigation on flexural behaviour of reinforced geopolymer concrete (RGPC) beams. M30 grade GPC and HYSD 500 steel bars are considered with three different reinforcement conditions viz., 0.793%, 1.19%, 1.587% of tensile steel. Finite element analysis of beams by 3D modelling is carried out using ANSYS software. The failure modes and crack patterns from the experimental and analytical analysis of the RGPC beam are seen matching with load and deflection values as well matching to an extent of 85-95% accuracy.