Effect of cooling regimes on strength, near surface characteristics and modulus of elasticity of hybrid fibre reinforced ternary blended concretes subjected to sustained elevated temperatures
  Ashish A. Yaligar and Shrikant B. Vanakudre
  This paper covers the study of the effect of two cooling regimes (sudden and gradual) on hybrid fibre reinforced ternary blended concretes, when subjected to elevated temperatures for three hours. The temperature ranges from 100 deg C to 1000 deg C at an interval of 100 degC. There is analysis between traditional concrete and two ternary blended concretes (Cement + fly ash + GGBFS and Cement + fly ash + silica fume) along with hybrid fibres (Galvanized iron + polypropylene) combination in it. The specimens underwent several strength and durability tests in which gradual cooling regime showed slightly better results than sudden cooling.