Effect of high temperature on the mechanical properties of concrete with manufactured sand
  Narayana Suresh, Vivek Bindiganavile and Manjunatha M.
  This paper describes the behavior of high strength concrete by partial replacement of natural sand with manufactured sand (M-Sand), compared with referral mix, after subject to different high temperatures (100oC, 200oC, 300oC and 400oC). No cracks were observed in the concrete specimens after subjected to different high temperatures. The compressive strength of the concrete specimens increases as the percentage of M-Sand increases were measured at room temperature. The results obtained showed that the compressive strength is not reduced after their exposure to different high temperatures when compared to referral mix strength. At 200oC temperature, it shows reduction in compressive strength at 100% natural sand when compared with referral mix strength tested at room temperature. The concrete specimens shows higher compressive strength which is beyond the target mean strength for all replacement level after subject to high temperature of 300oC and 400oC. There is slight variation in flexural strength and split tensile strength of concrete specimens for all replacement level, when compared with referral mix, after subject to different high temperature.