Study on strength and durability properties of fly ash aggregates concrete
  Naveena M.P., G. Narayana and Ravichandra R.
  Due to the high volume consumption, all the natural resources are facing depletion. On the other hand industrial waste products are accumulating to an alarming level which makes the safe disposal of the industrial wastes a herculean task. In this context it is of immense help to the environment, that the industrial waste products are used in place of virgin materials for the production of aggregate. In the present study manufacturing process of cement bonded fly ash aggregates using ordinary concrete mixer and its properties are studied. Three different proportions of ordinary Portland cement and fly ash were selected viz 95:05 (FAA1), 90:10 (FAA2) and 85:15 (FAA3) (fly ash :cement). The partial replacement of cement bonded fly ash aggregates into conventional aggregates are made in three different ratios viz 25%, 50%and 100%. It is found that up to 100 % replacement of Fly ash aggregate is can be utilized in the production of concrete. The mechanical properties and durability properties of cement bonded fly ash aggregate concrete is studied.