Performance evaluation of field curing methods using durability index tests
  Saarthak Surana, Radhakrishna G. Pillai and Manu Santhanam
  Curing plays a vital role in enhancing the impenetrability of cover concrete, which is essential to ensure the desired service life of a concrete structure. However, their performance in the field is most often evaluated by compressive strength instead of durability parameters. This paper presents an investigation of the suitability of durability index tests in evaluating the performance of various field curing methods. Five reinforced concrete slab specimens were cured in the field using the following curing methods: 7-day wet hessian, three types of curing compounds, and air curing. The field-cured concrete was tested at the age of 28 days using oxygen permeability index, water sorptivity index, rapid chloride migration test, and surface resistivity. In this study, durability index tests were able to differentiate between wet and air curing. The results of this study indicate that compressive strength as a standalone criterion is not adequate for assessing the performance of field curing methods.