Gamma attenuation characteristics of high density concrete under high temperature regimes
  C.S. Pillai, A.R. Santhakumar, R. Mathiyarasu and J. Ashok Kumar
  High density concrete (HDC) is used as radiation shield in nuclear reactors, where the temperature is expected to vary upto 120C. Radiation shielding characteristics of concrete depend mainly on type of aggregates and moisture content in the mix. In the study, the effect of high temperature (120C) for varying durations on gamma attenuation properties of four concrete mixes with granite, haematite and steel shots were investigated. The parameters like density, Gamma Attenuation Factor (GAF) of mixes were compared. Variation in, density and the GAF is observed only during first 14 days of heat treatment, which did not vary shielding property of concretes significantly. Further, the GAFs were simulated theoretically.