Parametric study of pervious concrete with changing cement content and w/c ratio
  Tejas Joshi and Urmil Dave
  Pervious concrete was first used in the nineteenth century but it has only recently begun to increase in popularity. In the present study, pervious concrete was produced using 4.75-10 mm aggregates and 10-20 mm. The main properties to be studied were void ratio, compressive strength permeability and density. For the investigation, cement contents were used in the range from 250-400 kg/m3 at an interval of 50 kg/m3. The aggregate/cement ratio was kept constant as 4. Three w/c ratios were used as 0.3, 0.35 and 0.4. Smaller size of aggregate was more suitable for making pervious concrete. Results of two aggregate size 4.75-10 mm and 10-20 mm are included in this paper.