N   E   W   S     &     E   V   E   N   T   S

AKC’s July 2017 Programs
The July 2017 programs of Ambuja Knowledge Centre include the following.

AKC Andheri
‘Durability aspects of Concrete’ workshop on 06th & 07th July’2017.

AKC Thane along with ‘Centre of Excellence’, ACC Thane
‘Supervising Concrete Workshop’ on 20th & 21st July’2017.
‘Technical Lecture on “M Sand’ on 27th July, 17 (Speaker - Er. Hitesh Barot, General Manager, Technical Services, Ambuja Cement ltd)

Ambuja Cements Ltd., Mumbai
p: ++91 22 40667620 / 8291885509 / 9167334813
e: foundations.mumbai@ambujacement.com
w: www.foundationsakc.com


Sustainable Design
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, Israel and Rachana Sansad’s Institute of Environmental Architecture, Mumbai are organising  the Second International Certificate Program on Sustainable Design during July 23rd to 31, 2017 at Rachana Sansad, Prabhadevi. The theme is “Small is Beautiful: A Study of Design as if people mattered”

After a successful international, interdisciplinary sustainable design workshop and exchange program in 2016, they are back again this year to offer  another exciting opportunity. A week-long design exercise involving students, experts and professionals from the field of Architecture, Interior design, industrial design, Visual communication and Applied art, in a process of exploration of sustainable design and human behaviour through team work. The workshop will involve field visits and interaction with the community and stakeholders design studios, panel discussions, presentations and lectures by experts. The aim of the workshop is to develop a humanistic, inter-disciplinary approach to sustainable design of habitat.

The key aspects of workshop would be: Design for people; Infuencing human behaviour through design; Multi-cultural, Transformative and lnter-disclipinary; Adaptation of research design process.

The workshop is targetted at Students and Professionals of architecture, interior design, industrial design, product design & visual communication.  One interested participants will get the opportunity to be part of an exchange program and participate in a simultaneous workshop in Jerusalem, lsrael

Rachana Sansad’s Institute of Environmental Architecture
p: 9833429912, 9930971404
e: roshniudyavar@gmail.com
w: www.rachanasansad.edu.in


CII Southern Region’s Technology Conference on Commercial Flooring – 2nd Edition
The Indian Flooring Industry is moving towards modern era; is witnessing an increasing demand within India for smart construction technologies that are sustainable and appealing. The modern and smart floors encompass aesthetics, quick install ability, longevity, economy, slip resistance, quality, functionality, durability, eco-friendliness, and moisture resistance. It is very important for the designers, contractors, developers and users to keep pace with the smart technologies and trends which are available today for the flooring industry.

With regard to commercial flooring, the customers’ preference is now shifting towards creating beautiful flooring for their premises, with innovative materials playing a key environmental role in the design, lifecycle and maintenance of the product. While the market for innovative flooring solutions is up across different sectors, the major growth is seen in the residential, hospitals, hospitality and retail sector.

  • To understanding the diversity of the global and Indian flooring market
  • Provide a common platform for stakeholders of flooring industry to discuss technology, methodology, new materials and testing procedures on various issues related to industry.
  • A platform to discuss about the issues faced on repair and rejuvenation of existing floorings
  • To discuss the standards and regulations in flooring industry
The event is targetted at:
  • Structural & Civil Designers, architects and their project managers
  • Developers of large projects like Airports, Ports, Large Commercial Complexes, Residential, SEZs etc.
  • Academia
The proposed sessions are on:
  • Different types of Floors – Conventional and latest
  • Modern Cement, Concrete and mixing technologies
  • Green Technology for sustainable Floors
  • Mechanization of Flooring
  • Alternate materials for reinforcement; Various Flooring Coatings and their applications
  • Polishing and hardening of concrete as alternate for stones, marbles etc
  • Indoor and outdoor pavements - technology and materials
  • Repair and Rejuvenation of existing floorings
Date and Venue
Start Date: Sep 15, 2017, End Date: Sep 16, 2017
Venue: Bengaluru,  India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p:  91-44-42444555
e: vedha.murali@cii.in
w: www.cii.in


Housing for All in Urban & Rural Areas
The Indian Buildings Congress will be holding is 22nd Annual Convention & National Seminar in October, 2017. The Annual Convention. apart from conducting business like holding of AGM. Governing Council Meeting & appointment of office bearers for ensuing term, will also include a National Seminar. Members of the Indian Buildings Congress and  professionals of Government Departments. Housing Boards. Development Authorities, Town and Country Planning Organizations. State PWDs. Teaching and Training Institutes. Technical Universities,  Builders, Developers and all others interested in building managements are cordially invited to contribute papers for the Seminar. The theme of the seminar will be housing for all in urban and rural areas.

Since Independence of the country in I947, the subject matter of housing for the poor has always been an ethical and political one.  The present Government is serious to tackle the problem of Housing for All. It has launched two separate schemes. The first scheme is for urban areas. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) is an initiative in which affordable housing will be provided to the urban poor. Under this, it is proposed to build two crore houses for urban poor and economically weaker sections by the year 2022. This mission has four components viz.. in-situ slum  redevelopment with private sector participation using land as resource. affordable housing through credit linked subsidy, affordable housing in partnership with private and public sector and beneficiary led house construction/ enhancement. 

The second scheme launched is ‘Housing for All‘ in rural areas under which Government intends to provide an environmentally safe and secure pucca house to every rural household by 2022. Named the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin), in its first phase the target is to complete one crore houses by March 2019. The programme provides for over 200 different housing designs across the country based on a detailed study of housing typologies. environmental hazards and the households’ requirements. A large scale use of local materials is envisaged. 

A Technology Sub—Mission under the Mission has been set up to facilitate adoption of modern. innovative and green technologies and building materials for faster and quality construction of houses. Technology Sub-Mission also facilitates preparation and adoption of layout designs and building plans suitable for various geo-climatic zones. 

There is need for building professionals to have an in-depth foresight in planning. development and implementation of such a massive programme of the Government It has therefore been decided to hold deliberations on “Housing for all in Urban 81 Rural Areas” under the following sub-themes including their case studies:  Concept, Design and Planning for Mass Housing;  Slum Development and Rehabilitation; Affordable Housing Technologies; Development of Land and Infrastructure Services for Housing; Case Studies.

Indian Buildings Congress      
p:  011 - 26169531, 26170197
e: info@ibc.org.in
w: www.ibc.org.in


CII Southern Region’s Technology Conference on Bridges & Highways Construction Technology
India is increasingly on the move towards economic growth. This economic growth triggers the mobility of goods and people, which mark the need for enhanced connectivity and mobility. To meet this, innovative technologies and cost effective methodologies are being adopted for improvising the country’s network. Bridges and Highways are contributing enormously towards this connectivity.

India has the second largest road network in the world (4.87 million kilometres). The length of National Highways is expected to grow from 92,850 kms in 2013-14 to 100,000 kms by end of 2017. NHAI has set a huge target to construct quality bridges & highways at much faster pace. To meet the growing demand, it is important to focus of the latest and newest technology for faster construction of bridges &highways.

  • To understand the way forward for adopting innovative technology and best practices in developing a cost effective and world class bridges &highway network in the country.
  • Steps to be taken for the concretization, improvements in concrete quality and maintenance of roads, bridges and highways in India.
  • To understand technological advancements for sustainability of roads transportation.
  • Adoption of latest information & technology for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Indian roads.
  • To have a roadmap for calibrated and continuous upgradation of technology, skills and services
The event is targetted at: Road operators; Construction firms and contractors; Government agencies;  Financial institutions; Road product and road development agencies; Toll way companies; State Infrastructure development boards; Tolling technology providers; Construction equipment providers; Infrastructure development organizations; Consultants and Legal firms.

Date and Venue
Start Date: Oct 26, 2017, End Date: Oct 27, 2017
Venue: Hyderabad, ndia

Confederation of Indian Industry
p: 91-44-42444555
e: vedha.murali@
w: www.cii.in


ICACMS 2017 and RILEM Annual Week

Message from IIT Madras, Chennai

On behalf of the organizing committee, I have great pleasure in inviting you to Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai, for the International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS-2017), scheduled for Sep 5 – 7, 2017.

This conference is part of the prestigious RILEM Annual Week, which is the annual meeting of the standing committees of RILEM (International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures). Such meetings occur every year in conjunction with a major international conference. The recent RILEM weeks were held in Copenhagen (2016), Melbourne (2015), São Paulo (2014), Paris (2013), Cape Town (2012), Hong Kong (2011).

The conference covers several themes related to construction materials and systems, with the objective of providing the state of the art coverage on cement and asphalt concrete, heritage materials, and building systems. The specific conference themes include:Advances in supplementary cementing materials, Concrete durability and performance specifications, Early age behaviour and rheology of cementitious systems, Special concretes and applications, Advances in characterization of construction materials, Sustainable building systems, Bituminous binders and mixtures, Repair and conservation of heritage structures, Corrosion control and corrosion monitoring in concrete structures, Repair materials and repair systems for concrete structures.

With over 250 papers from academics and industry professionals from more than 50 countries across the world, this is the largest construction materials and systems conference ever organized in India. Apart from the high quality technical presentations which include keynote lectures from 14 eminent world experts, the conference will also feature an exhibition of the latest trends in construction materials and technology by several leading industrial partners.

The conferenceis preceded by a set of workshops at IIT Madras campus. These include: (i) Limestone Calcined Clay Cement, (ii) K P Pradeep Memorial Workshop on Textile Reinforced Concrete and (iii) Rheology of bituminous/asphalt systems and assessment tools. Additionally, there are also two post-conference workshops at IIT Madras campus: (i) LuigiaBinda Memorial Workshop on NDT for Ancient and Modern Heritage Structures, and (ii) Carmen Andrade Workshop on Corrosion Control in Concrete Structures. All these workshops will include international resource persons who are the top experts in these domains.

For detailed information and regular updates, please check out the conference website: http://www.rilem2017conference.org

Please sign up early, as the registrations are fast filling up!

In case of any queries, please send me e-mail directly at: iitmconcrete@gmail.com

Looking forward to meet you in September 2017!

Manu Santhanam
Chairman, Organizing Committee, ICACMS - RILEM Week, Chennai 2017


Northern Region - REALTY 2017
India’s real estate industry, the 2nd largest employer in India is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020 (according to IBEF). It is also one of the biggest contributors to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) as well as one of the largest sectors for foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in the country.

Till a few years ago, the industry grappled with several challenges, including restricted access to funding, legislative hurdles on aspects such as sanctions & approvals, and sub-standard city infrastructure. However, all this is changing.

Recognizing the importance of real estate in the overall growth and development of the country, the Government has been working towards providing necessary incentives to boost the sector. To this end, 2016 was a year of landmark reforms; ranging from the formation of a strong regulator on one side to easing of foreign investor norms on the other. These reforms have resulted in a structural shift in real estate and set the tone for the sector going forward.

Date: Start Date:Jul 19, 2017
Venue: Hotel The Leela Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110023, New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p:  91-172-2602365, 2605868, 2607228
e:  rajiv.raheja@cii.in
w: www.cii.in


Industrial Automation Southern Region
India is on the move to achieve the 14% growth in manufacturing sector on a sustained basis will be successful, only if we adopt automation to raise productivity and reduce costs. In such a dynamic market environment adopting automation is a critical need to survive, grow and compete globally. Today, operational visibility, optimizing energy usage and building sustainable plants and ensuring plant safety is not an option but a must need, given that we operate in global open markets and economies.

Today’s ever-changing industrial controls technologies offer new and innovative ways to approach automation and control issues. Current economic conditions dictate that manufacturing operations must produce product as efficiently and reliably as possible. Industrial Automation will work closely to develop new systems, or to cost-effectively enhance the capabilities of existing machines to meet our requirements.

The objectives of this conference are:
  • To understand the latest technologies, trends and challenges in understanding the various aspects of industrial automation and process control in manufacturing to drive operational excellence and productivity improvements. To connect participants to the key technology players in the sector
  • Explore possibilities of meeting the decision makers of automation manufacturers/solution providers to create new business models.
  • To understand companies present scenario and future growth
The event is targeted at:
  • Top officials/middle level managers from the Operations, Engineering, Maintenance and Procurement Division
  • Manufacturing systems/IT & networking professionals
  • Industrial systems and machinery designers, systems integrators, automation and control engineers
  • Software development engineers for the discrete and process production industries
Date: Jul 19, 2017
Venue: Chennai, India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p: 91-44-42444555
e: vedha.murali@cii.in
w: www.cii.in


India Composites 2017
Given the constraints in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) demand uptake, lack of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composites upstream ecosystem, and deficient capabilities in the downstream manufacturing in India compared to global, the FRP composites story in India has not taken off. CII has commissioned a Study on Growth Strategies for Composites in India. The study will highlight various means to drive adoption of composites covering Aerospace & Defence, Building & Construction, Transportation and Marine. The conference will have sessions on:

Session on Aerospace & Defence (A&D)
A&D is a sector of strategic importance for the country. However, we are still dependent on imports for Aerospace Grade Composites (CFRP, Aramid Fibres Reinforced Polymer (AFRP), S2-Glass) which are restricted for Defence use. This creates uncertainty in the seamless supply of critical inputs for our strategic defence manufacturing capabilities. In this session, it will be discussed how one can:
  • drive user growth in A&D sector in India
  • evaluate the case for upstream manufacturing in India (CF / Pre-preg)
  • discuss how downstream capability building can be enabled for global competitiveness against China/ South East Asia / South Americans for civil
  • drive policy initiatives which can incentives private sector companies to invest in A&D FRPs capabilities
Session on Building and Construction
Building and Construction sector is on the upswing given government push via affordable housing, Smart Cities and AMRUT, over and above rapid urbanisation which is driving growth. There is a need to ensure that this growth does not come at the cost of compromised quality. FRPs can play a major role to ensure that buildings are safer, greener, and much more aesthetic. In this session, it will be discussed how one can work out:
  • means to drive adoption of composites in various segments of Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • issues pertaining to down stream delivery capability which hampers superior quality products being manufactured at a large scale
  • ways to drive policy to define quality standards which allow FRPs a level playing field in this sector
Session on Railways
While composites are mainstream in Metro which follow world class standards, the India railways is still much behind the curve compared to the global counterparts. There is a need to overcome any systemic inertia, and make the railways leap frog into composites usage. This can enable the Indian Railways to address a lot of its strategic priorities - higher speed, safety, service etc. In this session, one can share views on:
  • FRP adoption is happening globally
  • Learn from global examples for the rightful inclusion of FRPs by RDSO / Railway Board
Date: Aug 18, 2017
Venue: Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, Ball Room, 19 Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p: 91-11-24682230–35 ; 41504514-19
e: raja.bhattacharjee@cii.in
w:  www.cii.in


Competition – Best ferrocement structure
Ferrocement Society, Pune is organising a Competition for best ferrocement structure award named after the Veteran in Ferrocement Technology, Late V.D. Joshi. This is the fifth year and they have felicitated the distinguished professionals working in ferrocement up till now. All participants are  requested to send the entries early. The last day is August 15, 2017. This year they will distribute the awards on 3rd September 2017. For more details, get in touch with them.

Ferrocement Society
p: +91- 25655380, 09921480126, 9422736252
e: ferrocement@gmail.com
w: www.ferrocementindia.com


12th Sustainability Summit
The 12th Sustainability Summit will strive to facilitate achieving the set targets for Global goals. During the two days, we will run several tracks focussing on Climate Change, CSR, Digital inclusion, Responsible Businesses and Circular Economy. These tracks will see further deliberations focussing on Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture, INDCs, Mobility, Himalayan Ecosystem, Water, Education, Health & Nutrition, Social Capital, Cashless Economy, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Ethics, Responsible Mining, Consumption & Production, Waste management, Biodiversity, Circular Cities.

The Summit will feature distinguished speakers, politicians & thought leaders from across the globe, captains of Indian industry & international CEOs, who are the beacon of hope in achieving the SDGs will share their inspiring perspective and intellectual insights on transforming the world.

The Summit will have a wide spread of keynote addresses, plenaries, panel discussions, debates, master classes, workshops, parallel sessions, hard talks/ TED style talks, in conversations and immense networking opportunities spread over two full days on 6-7 September 2017 in New Delhi.

Date: Sep 06, 2017, End Date: Sep 07, 2017
Venue: Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi,  India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p:  91-124-4346350
e:  banajyotsna.baruah@cii.in
w: www.@cii.in


Suppliers to Construction Chemical Industry to India
The Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association (CCMA) the body, mind and soul of the construction chemicals industry in India will be hosting the 3rd Edition of International Conference of suppliers to the Construction Chemical Industry of India will be held at Mumbai during July 4th-5th, 2017 as a two-day event.

The conference would focus on: Raw materials for construction chemical industry; manufacturing technologies and equipment; packaging materials and equipment; application tools, techniques and equipment; communication tools; formulations of construction chemicals; construction chemicals market trends.

The event is targetted at: Suppliers to construction chemicals industry & dry mix mortar and other allied construction material manufacturers; formulators of construction chemicals (R&D); marketing teams of construction chemicals companies; procurement managers of construction chemicals companies; quality control professionals of construction chemicals industry

The conference will have focus sessions on various technologies and presentations by experts from leading national and international suppliers. CCMA shall provide brief presentation on the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association
p:  022 - 2403 6410 / +91-9323551522  /  7875565563
w: www.ccmaindia.com


International Construction Chemicals Conference (C3)
The Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association (CCMA) the body, mind and soul of the construction chemicals industry in India will be hosting the sixth edition of The International Construction Chemicals Conference during July 6th-7th, 2017 at the Lalit, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai.

Emphasis of this international conference is improvements at the time of construction, repairs, strengthening, rehabilitation and protection from future deterioration.
An exciting line-up of industry captains, research scholars and industry veterans will disseminate vital information on the emerging materials, methods and practices that are taking shape in the construction chemicals sector today. Delegates to C3 will benefit from an insightful program balanced with an opportunity to create an ideal networking opportunity that is bound to unite the industry together in its quest for excellence.

Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association (CCMA)
p: 022 - 2403 6410 /+91-9323551522 / 7875565563
w: www.ccmaindia.com


Structural Engineers World Congress-SEWC 2017
The Structural Engineers World Congress (SEWC) is organising an International Colloquium on Architecture-Structure International for Sustainable Built Environment during July 13 to 15, 2017 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Hosur Road, Bengaluru. The special focus is ‘Why Concrete’.

The SEWC Colloquium 2017 in Bengaluru plans to discuss / deliberate on today’s issues of global concern and aims to initiate a dialogue on the idea of creating a sustainable built environment. An outstanding galaxy of international experts in the field will deliver keynote addresses in this colloquium.  The colloquium presents a unique and excellent opportunity to learn more about current practices and trends for the future.

SEWC 2017
p: +91-9900415386  /  9449767454
e: kumar@sundaramarchitects.com
w: www.sewc-international.org


ILCC 2017
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in association with Institute for Lean Construction Excellence (ILCE) is organising  ILCC 2017 during July 28-29, 2017 at IIT Madras.

Adopting Lean concepts has enabled several construction projects around the world to experience significant improvements in productivity and profitability. Internationally, Lean Construction is becoming more and more popular to solve the many ailments of conventional project delivery. Today these concepts are also being implemented in the Indian Construction arena and many leading players have come forward to implement Lean Concepts in some form or other.

The main objective of ILCC 2017 Conference is to provide a platform where Lean construction practitioners - owners, contractors, consultants, coaches, academics, etc can share their experiences and go further on the path of successfully applying Lean concepts to construction. In addition, the conference will also provide an opportunity for academics to present their ongoing research findings in the construction field and interact with industry practitioners to enable industry-academic collaboration in this field.

The conference will comprise International and Indian keynote and invited presentations, academic paper presentations and industrial case-studies on Lean principles across planning, engineering, procurement and construction.   The conference is organized along the lines of IGLC (International Group for Lean Construction) and LCI (Lean Construction Institute) conferences which have been key events in the international arena and which have enabled wider adoption of Lean concepts in construction. A pre-conference Workshop will focus on practical implementation aspects with sessions from leading Lean coaches and practitioners.

The keynote speakers are:
  • Prof. Iris D.Tommelein, Ph.D.   University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Dr. Bhargav Dave, Ph.D.   University of Aalto, Finland
  • Mr. Anup Mathew,   Sr. Vice President & Business Head - Godrej Construction
  • Mr. Lauri Merikallio, Vison Alliance Partners Ltd., Finland

ILCC 2017
IIT Madras, Chennai
w: www.web.iitm.ac.in/ilcc2017/index.html


The Indian Concrete Institute is organising Concrete 2017 during July 14-15, 2017 at Hotel Royal Plaza, Ashoka Road, New Delhi. The theme is ‘Underground Structures’

An architect’s, urban planner’s and visionary’s preference goes to making infrastructure underground and keep the ground available for other uses. And, as the time goes by, more and more underground structures are coming in vogue. Although, more expensive compared to elevated structures, underground structures help retaining the cityscape. One of the finest examples of underground structures is Paris Metro, wherein everything within the city has been made underground. Similarly, a 15 km long underground arterial expressway was constructed in Boston, with the idea to demolish the elevated arterial expressway. With the advancement of latest technologies Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangaluru, Jaipur etc. have also be contributing underground metro projects. Several long and short vehicular underpasses have been constructed in various parts of India and other countries. A multi-storeyed building, today, can’t be imagined without 2-3 levels below ground for parking.

Underground structures pose varied challenges to the planners, designers and constructors. An underground structure has to be located in a way to keep away from existing as well as future underground structures and utilities. Stabilising the substrata, dealing with varying rock conditions etc pose different levels of design challenges. Constructing diaphragm wall in rock requires expensive trench cutters.

Large diameter piles (3 m diameter and above) are becoming popular for speedy construction and better seismic resistance, especially in liquefiable sub-strata. Use of rock anchors, rock nailing, rock grouting etc are essential ingredients of an underground construction. Dewatering and waterproofing find a special importance in underground construction.

Design and construction of Tunnels using TBM and NATM technologies have their intricacies, which need to be addressed suitably. Selection of TBM for different types of sub-strata requires a very careful planning. For this reason, a more elaborate geotechnical Investigation is a must. Construction of cross-passages find their own challenges of temporary/enabling works. For more details contact the following.

Concrete 2017
p: 9650607824
e: anjali@cimglobal.net
w: www.icindc.org


International Flooring Conference Western Region
CII is organising  a conference on flooring during September 11 to 13, 2017 at  The LaLit Mumbai Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai.

Flooring is one area in the construction industry that has been witnessing rapid changes over the past two decades. The advent of several new technologies and the increasing use of specialized machinery have meant that the field has changed beyond recognition, especially with reference to the industrial and commercial flooring sectors Today industrial floorings play a very vital role in productivity, safety & housekeeping which has gradually with time changed from the conventional cement flooring, tiles etc., to dust free monolithic floors.

In recent years, the safety of concrete floors has been an essential component especially in Industrial buildings. The main purpose to provide protection to the slab from deterioration or contamination, and also not to overlook, to provide some added benefit such as, wear and tear, antiskid, chemical resistance, easy maintenance, physical performance, aesthetics etc. It is quite obvious that no other surface in a building takes more abuse than floors, regardless of the type of building, be it industrial or commercial or public.
Though there have been lots of technological advancements in construction industry, since late last century, flooring caught up with rest of construction industry little late and it is witnessing rapid changes over the past two decades. With the introduction of newer flooring technologies supported by the increasing use of specialized machinery have meant that the field has changed beyond recognition, especially with reference to the industrial and commercial flooring sectors. The industrial and commercial flooring segments have been maintaining a healthy pace of growth in the recent few years, with India emerging as a key market for newer technologies

The Inside Story: Concrete flooring is not given much importance in terms of its design, durability and cost of maintenance and always neglected a lot. The delay that happens during the construction has its impact on flooring schedules and chances are there that, this pressure to complete the flooring within shorter time has its own impact on quality of flooring which in turn proves to be nightmare for maintenance department.
However, with changing economic scenario, more information flow and awareness among the various stake holders in the field, India has been witnessing the silent but sure revolution in the area of commercial and industrial flooring. The pressure increase the industrial growth, focus of lowering maintenance breakdowns, increased cost of maintenance to increase the overall productivity, are all responsible for industry to also focus on flooring and its importance.

The Outdoor Factor: At the same time, in any industry, the external flooring consisting of Roads, Walkways, and Pavements within the factory premises is another nightmare since it has direct impact on look and movement of vehicles. Though traditionally bitumen was the most common material used for external roads, the use of concrete for external applications is increasing due to its durability and lower maintenance cost. Another material which is gaining popularity for external road / walkway is paver blocks, which can be used both roads as well as walkways within factory premises and has advantage of providing varied designs while being laid. For more details contact the following.

Confederation of Indian Industry
p:  91-22-24931790/3332/0565/0996
e: saurabh.rajurkar@cii.in
w: www.cii.in


Our World in Concrete & Structures
The 42nd Conference on ‘Our World in Concrete & Structures’ will be held during 23-25 August 2017 at  Singapore.

The conference will be dedicated to the American Concrete Institute – Singapore Chapter in recognition and appreciation of their significant contribution and support. To mark this auspicious occasion, ACI-SC will present the Conference Lecture, and a guest of honour will be invited.

The major theme at OW17 shall be on “A Sustainable and Resilient World in Concrete”. OW17 intend to celebrate the Singapore Chapter’s achievement of being awarded the ACI Excellent (2013) and outstanding (2014 and 2015) Chapter Award, 3 times, in the last five years. The Chapter would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of all the past presidents in earning these accolades over the years. The local Singapore Chapter shares with this series of conference the objective of bringing together all those who share a common interest in the area of concrete and structures. As part of the celebrations, besides the ACI – Singapore Chapter 2017 lecture will be one of the major highlights of the conference, the Chapter intends to invite as many of its past Presidents as possible to join in the celebrations. OW17 also wish to have representatives from ACI in the US as well representatives from the regional and other international ACI chapters.

The OW17 conference will feature at least 10 prominent renown professors and professionals, many of whom have supported OWICS for over 15 years like Prof Franco Mola, Italy; Emeritus Professor Shoji Ikeda, Japan; Emeritus Professor G M Sabnis, USA, Emeritus Professor N Otsuki, Japan; Mr Willie Kay, Singapore and Mr Kiat Huat Seow, Singapore.

The OW17 Conference will continue the 12 ‘Highly Commendable Paper Awards sponsored by the Support Organizations and the Industry. Among the twelve are FOUR special Awards in the memory of our good friends, the late Tibor Javor (Czech), late Ken Francis (HK), late HoePeng Lim (Singapore) and the late C R Alimchandani (India).

OW17 cordially invite you to join us in this celebration either with a good, important and interesting paper and your attendance to share and exchange your experience in anything and everything about concrete and structures, especially in the areas of:
  1. Concrete design & analysis for buildings & structures
  2. Concrete mix design, quality control and production
  3. Concrete technology, ready-mix, SCC, RCC
  4. Concrete plant, equipment and machinery
  5. Concrete repairs and rehabilitation
  6. Concrete materials, composites
  7. Concrete construction and safety
  8. Concrete application in roads, bridges, tall buildings, tunnels, underwater, underground, etc
p: +65 67332922; +65 91270094
e: cipremie@singnet.com.sg
w: www.cipremier.com


World of Concrete India
The 4th edition of World of Concrete India now opens from August 10-12, 2017 in New Delhi, to welcome suppliers from the commercial concrete and construction industries. World of Concrete India is an offshoot of the industry’s most important annual trade show from Las Vegas, USA with more than 43 years of history, owned and produced by Informa. The Indian edition is organized jointly by Informa Exhibitions U.S. and Inter Ads Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. The enthusiastic response from the last three editions, which drew participation from 100 leading industry suppliers and more than 3,500 professional visitors from India and overseas, has set the pace for the next edition. World of Concrete provides the perfect platform to display your products and solutions to the commercial construction concrete industry during a three-day dynamic and focused business environment.

In keeping with the growing urbanization needs and trends, the Government of India has plans to infuse a massive investment of approximately US $1024 billion during the current 12th Five Year Plan (2013- 2018). As India is modernizing its infrastructure at a fast pace, and concrete is an essential requirement of infrastructural development, it is imperative to have such an event which provides a level playing field for companies in commercial concrete business to showcase innovative technologies and products to modernize the Indian concrete industry. Exhibit your products & technologies and explore business prospects in a focused and dedicated environment for concrete construction.

The products on display (apart from many products) at WOC INDIA 2017 would include:
  • ADA Products
  • Admixtures
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Aggregates
  • Anchors & Fasteners
  • Batching Equipment
  • Cementitious Products
  • Cleaning Materials & Equipment
  • Coatings Inspection /    Measurement
  • Coatings / Stains / Sealers
  • Computer Hardware / Software
  • Cranes
  • Cutting & Drilling
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Demolition Equipment & Materials
  • Dry Shakes
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Finishing Tools & Equipment
  • Form Types
  • Forming Accessories
  • Foundation / Slab Repair
  • General Construction Equipment
  • General Construction Materials    
  • General Construction Tools
  • General Utility
  • Insulation
  • Joints and Sealants
  • Landscaping Products
  • Lifting Equipment and Conveyors
  • Material Handling for Concrete
  • Materials for Mortar
  • Metal Connectors & Reinforcement
  • Mixer Trucks
  • Mixing / Mixer
  • Mixing / Mixer Materials for    Concrete
  • Moisture Control
  • Mortar & Grout
  • Movement Joints
  • Personnel & Materials Positioning
  • Placing Equipment 
  • Precast Production Equipment
  • Precast / Prestressed Products
  • Pumping Equipment and Accessories
  • Ready Mixed Concrete    
  • Reinforcement Tools &    Materials
  • Repair Materials & Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Sawing & Coring
  • Scaffolding and Shoring
  • Site Installations
  • Slipforming
  • Structural Elements
  • Surface Preparation Products /
  • Equipment
  • Tools & Services
  • Trailers & Attachments
  • Trucks
  • Vehicle Components / Engines
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Water Drainage / Protection
Inter Ads Exhibitions
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12th Sustainability Summit - 2030 Agenda: Driving Inclusive Growth
The last few decades of globalisation have generated unprecedented growth along with unparalleled levels of inequality. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in September 2015 is a key driver of inspiration and remarkable opportunity to reshape the economy and make it more sustainable and inclusive. This requires a global partnership between nations and peoples and in both thinking and behavior. The global community has drawn the plan of action to achieve the equilibrium of economic, social, and environmental sustainability envisioned by the United Nations.

Now as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) move from pledges to practice, a much wider and better-informed deliberation is needed around how business and governments can add the most value for a purposeful shift towards inclusive growth.

It is with this background, the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development is organizing its 12th edition of The Sustainability Summit. It is a platform for businesses, governments, think tanks, civil society to share experiences, discuss and debate upon global development holistically. The theme for the 12th Sustainability Summit is ‘2030 Agenda: Driving Inclusive Growth’ and it will embark on the collective journey where we initiate to progress and widen the sustainability dialogue in achieving inclusive development by 2030.

Last year, in 2016, we focused on some of the key goals out of the 17 listed SDGs and on building our national competitiveness. In 2016 as well the earlier editions of the Sustainability Summit we have witnessed inspiring discussions and intellectual insights that encouraged innovation and action. The Sustainability Summit has provided a platform to present sustainability solutions and best practices, people have shared their experiences, success stories and exchanged ideas and had built network to enhance their learning experiences.

The 12th Sustainability Summit will strive to facilitate achieving the set targets for Global goals. During the two days, we will run several tracks focussing on Climate Change, CSR, Digital inclusion, Responsible Businesses and Circular Economy. These tracks will see further deliberations focussing on Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture, INDCs, Mobility, Himalayan Ecosystem, Water, Education, Health & Nutrition, Social Capital, Cashless Economy, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Ethics, Responsible Mining, Consumption & Production, Waste management, Biodiversity, Circular Cities.

The Summit will feature distinguished speakers, politicians & thought leaders from across the globe, captains of Indian industry & international CEOs, who are the beacon of hope in achieving the SDGs will share their inspiring perspective and intellectual insights on transforming the world.

The Summit will have a wide spread of keynote addresses, plenaries, panel discussions, debates, master classes, workshops, parallel sessions, hard talks/ TED style talks, in conversations and immense networking opportunities spread over two full days on 6-7 September 2017 in New Delhi.

Date: Sep 06, 2017, End Date: Sep 07, 2017
Venue: Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi , India

Confederation of Indian Industry
p: 91-124-4346350
e: banajyotsna.baruah@cii.in
w: www.cii.in


Release of SP 7 : 2016 ‘National Building Code of India 2016’
The National Building Code of India (NBC), a comprehensive building Code, is a national instrument providing guidelines for regulating the building construction activities across the country.  It is widely referred and used by state/local bodies regulating development and building construction activities, Government construction departments and agencies, private construction agencies/builders/developers, building professionals and consultants, academic and research institutions, and building material and technology suppliers throughout the country.  The Code mainly contains administrative regulations, development control rules and general building requirements; fire safety requirements; stipulations regarding materials, structural design and construction (including safety); building and plumbing services; landscape development, signs and outdoor display structures; guidelines for sustainability, asset and facility management, etc.
The Code was first published in 1970 at the instance of Planning Commission and then first revised in 1983. Thereafter three major amendments were issued to the 1983 version, two in 1987 and the third in 1997.  The second revision of the Code was in 2005, to which two amendments were issued in 2015.

Due to large scale changes in the building construction activities, such as change in nature of occupancies with prevalence of high rises and mixed occupancies, greater dependence and complicated nature of building services, development of new/innovative construction materials and technologies, greater need for preservation of environment and recognition of need for planned management of existing buildings and built environment, there has been a paradigm shift in building construction scenario.  Considering these, a Project for comprehensive revision of the Code was taken up under the aegis of the National Building Code Sectional Committee, CED 46 of BIS and its 22 expert Panels; involving around 1 000 experts. 

BIS is glad to inform all that, as a culmination of the Project, the revised Code has been brought out as National Building Code of India 2016 (NBC 2016), reflecting the state-of-the-art and contemporary applicable international practices.  The comprehensive NBC 2016 contains 13 Parts, some of which are further divided into Sections, making a total of 33 chapters.  The Code has been formally released and is now available in public domain. 

The Code has been published in two volumes containing all the Parts and Sections, as follows:
Complete Code in Volume 1 and 2 (Parts 0 to 12 – all sections included) - Price (Rs.) 13,760.

The publication may be procured from Sales Counter at BIS Headquarters as well as various Regional and Branch Offices of BIS, information about which may be accessed from the following link - www.bis.org.in/dir/sales.htm

Sanjay Pant, Director and Head (Civil Engineering), BIS
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Excon 2017

The 9th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair EXCON wil be held during Dec 12 - 16, 2017 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).

In order to provide the ultimate business platform and to aid India in augmenting infrastrucutre growth, CII organises Excon series of exhibition. The 9th International Construction Equipment and Technology Trade Fair, Excon 2017 is scheduled to be held between 12th to 16th December 2017 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Confederation of Indian Industry
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e: j.i.maheshkumar@cii.in
w: www.cii.in