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Portland cement is a hydraulic binder and a finely ground inorganic material. When mixed with water, it forms a paste which sets and hardens by  means of hydraulic reactions. India has made great strides in producing world class cement.

There are various types of cement in use and the latest revised edition of  IS 456:2000, Indian Standard code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete permits the use of 10 different types of cement. These are described below.

Ordinary portland cement
Ordinary portland cement (OPC) is a product obtained by intimately mixing together calcareous (limestone, chalk, marl, etc) and argillaceous (clay, shale, etc) materials, with or without other materials containing silica, alumina or iron oxide, burning them at a high temperature, and grinding the resulting intermediate product, clinker with gypsum. After burning, no material other than gypsum is added.

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