Special Issue
October 2014 - Sustainability
Development and study of some properties of papercrete concrete
M. Rame Gowda and K. Prasanna
Green concrete specification and sustainable technologies
Dong-Uk Choi, Geonho Hong, Cheolwoo Park, Hyun-Bo Shim and Keun-Hyeok Yang
Technological advancements for manufacturing cement in an ecologically sustaining manner in the future
Ulhas Parlikar
Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with processed recycled aggregate – Influence of mixing techniques
V.S. Babu, A.K. Mullick, K.K. Jain and P.K. Singh
Performance of recycled aggregates in self compacting concrete
Prashant O. Modani and Vinod M. Mohitkar
Effect of partial replacement of sand with municipal solid waste ash on the strength of concrete
Manoj Sharma, S.K. Sharma and Maneek Kumar
Fine fractions of recycled concrete as sand replacement
Parag Agrawal, Naman Dube, A.K. Mullick and V.S. Babu
Curing of concrete with wastewater and curing compounds : Effect on strength and water absorption
Kaustav Sarkar, Tadesse M. Miretu and Bishwajit Bhattacharjee






POINT OF VIEW: : Properties of concrete with eggshell powder as cement replacement
Amarnath Yerramala

POINT OF VIEW: Sustainable transformation of construction waste : An approach for CSR enhancement
Rohit Sadaphal

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