June 2017

May 2017

Mix design methodology for greener concrete
Swanand Raikar

Parametric study of pervious concrete with changing cement content and w/c ratio
Tejas Joshi and Urmil Dave

Understanding hysd reinforcing bars used in Indian construction industry (from seismic point of view)
Brijesh Singh, V.V. Arora and Lalit Yadav

Gamma attenuation characteristics of high density concrete under high temperature regimes
C.S. Pillai, A.R. Santhakumar, R. Mathiyarasu and J. Ashok Kumar

Performance of concrete by partially replacing fine aggregate with granulated blast furnace slag and cement with fly ash
Manjunath H. and B.R. Patagundi




POINT OF VIEW: Long term losses in pre-stressed concrete member as per IS 1343:2012 and IS 1343:1980
P. Markandeya Raju and T. Raghuram Sandeep

POINT OF VIEW: Effect of finite size joint correction on staging of grid type water tank
Abhay Khandeshe and R.K. Ingle