May 2017

May 2017

Correlation between rapid visual survey score and possible damage of a building
Ajay K. Sreerama, Chenna Rajaram and R. Pradeep Kumar

Seismic performance of masonry infilled reinforced concrete structures
Arshad K. Hashmi and Alok Madan

Investigations on the effect of gradual cooling on the properties of fly ash concrete subjected to sustained elevated temperatures
Shweta Patil and K.B. Prakash

Durable concrete by packing density method
S.K. Dhawan, Itihas Dhareppagol and B. Bhattacharjee






POINT OF VIEW: Environmental clearance Acts and Rules - Evolution and experience

Ajit K. Sinha and K.N. Jha


POINT OF VIEW: Effect of different aspect ratio of steel fiber on mechanical properties of high strength concrete

S.S. Kadam and V.V. Karjinni