April 2017

April 2017

Optimization of mix proportioning for self compacting concretes using particle packing theories
M. Sri Rama Chand, P. Swamy Naga Ratna, K.L. Radhika, P. Rathish Kumar and C. Yedukondalu

A quantitative approach in designing self compacting concrete using compressible packing model
Shaik Khaja Sameer, B. Jagadish Chakravarti and V. Ramesh

Development of high strength self compacting concrete using quartz sand as an alternative of natural river sand
B. Narendra Kumar

Importance of volume of paste on the compressive strength of SCC - A parameter to be considered in mix design

Durability studies of quaternary blended self compacting concrete using mineral admixtures
G. Sree Lakshmi Devi, P. Srinivasa Rao and P. Sarika






DISCUSSION FORUM: Behaviour of shear wall with openings - A review


DISCUSSION FORUM:  Evaluation of performance of concrete with calcined clay limestone cement


POINT OF VIEW: Effect of multi walled carbon nano tubes on strength and durability of self compacting concrete

Qasimali I. Barodawala, Siddharth G. Shah and Santosh G. Shah


POINT OF VIEW: Development of self-compacting mortar mixes using agro based waste as a partial replacement to cement

M. Rame Gowda and Abhilash D.T.


POINT OF VIEW: Advantage of particle packing model in designing self compacting concretes

Avijit Chaubey