June 2016

June 2016

Design and analysis of buried concrete cylinder

Chetan K. Gautam


An experimental study on behaviour of thin walled cold formed steel-concrete composite beams under shear

T. Valsa Ipe, H. Sharada Bai and K. Manjula Vani


Steel fiber reinforced concrete beams under pure torsion

Avinash S. Pant and  Suresh R. Parekar


Performance evaluation of multistoreyed reinforced concrete frames

Aparna K.P. and  Ashok K. Jain


Quality assurance of shotcrete on a railway line project

Rasiah Sri Ravindrarajah


Analytical Investigation of concrete beams reinforced with embedded CFRP plates

Ahmed H. Alwathaf, Rachael  B. Ohu, Mohd S. Jaafar and Farah N. Aznieta






DISCUSSION FORUM:  Effect of weak and soft storeys on seismic performance of reinforced concrete frames with unreinforced brick infills


POINT OF VIEW: Effect of different types of fine aggregates on mechanical properties of concrete - A review

Narayana Suresh and Manjunatha M.