Dec 2015


Methodology for the repair of beam-column joint

Manoj Musale, Akshat Kedar, Gaurang Vashist and M.A. Chakrabarti

Use of treated domestic effluent as mixing water for concrete: Effect on strength and water penetration at 28 days

Devendra Swami, Kaustav Sarkar and Bishwajit Bhattacharjee

Effect of partial utilisation of lime mud waste on strength of concrete

Sanjay Aggarwal and Sanjay K. Sharma

Artificial neural network based graphical user interface for steel fibre reinforced concrete flexural member

Anand Mehta and Atul K. Desai





DISCUSSION FORUM: Rationalising acceptable levels of damage for structures designed as per codes IS 456, IS 1893 and IS 13920


POINT OF VIEW: Modeling of compressive and flexural strength for incremental replacement of natural sand with artificial sand in concrete

Rajendra P. Mogre, Dhananjay K. Parbat and Shirish D. Dhobe


POINT OF VIEW: Suggested quality assurance measures at major project sites involving concrete construction

Kartik Chandra Ta

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