August 2015


Preliminary seismic evaluation aid for reinforced concrete framed structures based on IS 15988 (2013) guidelines
Arshad K. Hashmi
Electrical conductivity of concrete : The effects of temperature, saturation and air content
Parth Panchmatia, Jan Olek and Nancy Whiting

Effect of rate of loading on the strength and stress-strain behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete
M.V. Krishna Rao, P. Rathish Kumar, T. Seshadri Sekhar

Multiple regression models for prediction of compressive strength of concrete comprising industrial waste products
H.S.Chore and M.P. Joshi

Development of stress block parameters for geopolymer concrete
N. Ganesan, Ruby Abraham, Deepa Raj S. and Divya Sasi

Mechanics-driven hand calculation approach for obtaining design P-M interaction curves of RC sections
Aysha Z. Majeed, Rupen Goswami and C.V.R. Murty





BOOK REVIEW: Microwave Assisted Concrete Technology: Production, Demolition and Recycling

K.C. Gary Ong and Ali Akbarnezhad

POINT OF VIEW: Experimental investigation on the effect of thermal cycles on the strength properties of glass fibre SCC

P. Srinivasa Rao and Seshadri Sekhar T.

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