July 2015

JULY 2015



Sustainable architecture and human senses
Deepashree Choudhury

Empirical study on the interaction between vegetation and street geometry elements towards ambient urban microclimate
D. Kannamma and A. Meenatchi Sundaram

Herbocrete - An effective use of natural admixtures in concrete
K. Vignesh Bharathy, R. Sathish Kumar, B. Gnanasekar and K. Subash

A novel translucent concrete panel with waste glass inclusions for architectural applications
Valerio R.M. Lo Verso, Simonetta L. Pagliolico and Laura Ligi

Effect of chloride attack on the properties of SFRC containing waste glass powder as pozzolana
B.R. Patagundi and K.B. Prakash

Are specifications impeding sustainability of concrete?
Chetan Hazaree, Shashank Vaidya, Peter Taylor, Ashok Kr. Tiwari and Rajesh Gupta

Effect of partial replacement of sand with foundry slag on strength of concrete
Alok Janveja and Sanjay K. Sharma

Experimental assessment of properties of ternary blended concrete using GGBS and ceramic powder
Nishant Mishra and V. Vasugi

Effect of phosphogypsum and fly ash stabilisation on the strength and microstructure of clay
Divya Krishnan K., P. T. Ravichandran, V. Janani, R. Annadurai and Manisha Gunturi

Study on bio-stabilisation of problematic soils
N. Kamaraj, K. Priyanka, P.T. Ravichandran, V. Janani and D. Sankari





POINT OF VIEW: Infotopia – A study on smarter sustainable cities

Karthikeyan Nachiappan

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