Development of analysis curves for reinforced concrete beam sections based on simple approach of mechanics
  Arshad K. Hashmi, Syed Muhammad Ibrahim and Alok Madan
  A mechanics based simple approach is presented to develop curves which illustrate primarily the relation between stresses in not yielded reinforcement (fst), coefficient of moment of resistance (Ru) and the percentage of reinforcement [ tensile (Pt) and compressive (Pc) ] for reinforced concrete (RC) sections. The basic principles of mechanics such as equilibrium of forces, constitutive relationship of different constitutes materials RC sections and compatibility of strains are used to develop the different curves. Prime gain of the proposed approach is that it surpasses the requirement of iterative procedure needed for strain compatibility. Accuracy of the method is demonstrated by comparing the results with the actual curves derived based on iterative procedure of stain compatibility method. Step wise calculations are illustrated through determining Ru for particular value of Pt (e.g. for singly beam sections) and determining Pt and Pc for particular value of Ru (e.g. for doubly beam sections).