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September - 2019

September - 2019


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Several successful demonstration projects have been conducted in the past few years in order to verify the practical, technical and environmental applicability of recycled aggregates. One such example is Sørumsand High School.

  • Editorial
  • Features
  • News and Events
  • Point of View : RECYBETON Jean-Marc Potier (France)
  • Technical Papers
  • Background to the BSI provisions for RCA in concrete Tom Harrison (UK)
  • The effect of the quality of construction and demolition waste on recycled aggregates concrete properties Miguel Bravo, Jorge de Brito, Luís Evangelista (Portugal)
  • Use of recycled concrete aggregates – full scale demonstration Christian J. Engelsen, Jacob Mehus (Norway)
  • A review on the valorization of marble dust / solids or slurry: classification, current trends and potentials Styliani Papatzani (Greece)
  • Effects of SCMs and nano- and ultrafine materials on mechanical properties and carbon footprint of recycled aggregate concretes Faiz Uddin Ahmed Shaikh (Australia)
  • Heat curing as a means of post-processing influence on 3D printed mortar specimens in powder-based 3D printing Pshtiwan Shakor, Shami Nejadi, Gavin Paul, Jay Sanjayan, Farhad Aslani (Australia)
  • Challenges and prospects of demolition waste recycling in India V. G. Ram, Rohit Prajapati, Manu K. Poulose (India)
  • Book Review : Building Materials: Testing and Sustainability Sivakumar Kandasami
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