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April - 2021

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  • Hydrophobic treatment for control of deterioration in reinforced concrete structures Joanitta Ndawula, Hans Beushausen, Mark Alexander View Abstract
  • Optimal dosage of Fe2O3 nanoparticles to enhance chloride resistance and microstructural properties of concrete- A comprehensive study Raghava Kumar Vanama, Harinee Addepalli, Balaji Ramakrishnan View Abstract
  • Performance of organic and inorganic functional groups as corrosion inhibitors in concrete experiencing extreme corrosive environment Himanshu Guleria, Purnima, Ashish Kumar Tiwari, Shweta Goyal View Abstract
  • Corrosion inhibiting admixture for corrosion prevention in small scale reinforced concrete structures S. Shafeer Ahamed, J. Sherin Mariya, V. Roopa, M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed View Abstract
  • Mechanical and electrochemical aspects of microalloyed steel B. Bhuvaneshwari, P. Prabha, S. Sandhiya, G. S. Palani View Abstract
  • Cathodic protection of steel reinforcement: Past experience, performance and future opportunities George Sergi View Abstract | Click here to Read the Full Paper


The cover page shows a 10-year-old clarifier from a power plant in Gujarat in India. The clarifier is an essential component in the pre-treatment of seawater for use in the plant. The structure was observed to have durability issues in terms of leakage through the joints as well as corrosion of rebars. The structure is undergoing its first major repair for which a combination of various repair strategies along with the galvanic cathodic protection of steel bars is incorporated on the structure.

Cover image source:
Mr. Zameel D. Veedu from Radhe Structorepair Pvt. Ltd., India.

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