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November - 2019


The Yokohama Landmark Tower, this structure embodies a number of earthquake thwarting measures.

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  • Determination of Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete Priyaranjan Pal View Abstract
  • Seismic Performance Analysis of Outrigger Structural System with Dampers) M. Rame Gowda, Shivie R. P. Goveas View Abstract
  • Design of Seismic Strengthening Technique for Soft-story RC Frames using Buckling-Restrained Braces Birendra K. Karaiya, Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, Ashok Gupta View Abstract | Open Access Content
  • Assessment of Seismic Response Reduction Factor of RC Staging Elevated Water Tanks of Different Staging Height Jignesh A., Kashyap N. Patel View Abstract
  • Shape Effect of Columns on Structural Response of Flat Slab Systems in Non-Tower Area Chaithra P., Srinivasa Gowda, Divithkumar R. P. View Abstract
  • Effect of infill in Composite shear wall RCC Building on Fragility Curve Punashri Prakash Phadnis, Vilas V. Karjinni View Abstract
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