May - 2019


Advancement in Science and Technology has inspired many new developments in concrete; example demand for silicon metal and alloy by semiconductor technology led to production of silica fume, opening an avenue for ultra-high performance concrete. Yet another example, addition of Nano Titanium Oxide in concrete can improve its properties. When exposed to UV radiation, it becomes increasingly hydrophilic enhancing its sterilising properties. Thus, it can be used for anti-fogging coatings or as self-cleansing facade. In tandem, our present edition carries an image of the Jubilee Church in Rome. The brilliant white concrete of the new Jubilee Church in Rome is expected to stay clean for ages thanks to a photocatalytic additive to the concrete.

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  • Point of View : Need for site response spectra for zones in India for performance-based seismic design of structuresJ D Buch
  • Technical Papers
  • Evaluation of one-way flexural behaviour of biaxial voided slabR Sagadevan, B N Rao
  • Optimization of thickness of pavement quality concrete slab using rice husk ashParamveer Singh, Mandeep Kaur
  • Regression analysis and optimization of rice husk ash based concrete mixesKalyan Kumar Moulick, Amit Shiuly, Soumya Bhattacharjya
  • A comparative seismic analysis and design using etabs and STAAD ProLamuo Francis Suglo, Monica Malhotra, Jaiprakash Nayak
  • Non-destructive testing of bored piles using the low strain pile integrity methodBrijesh Singh, V V Arora, Vikas Patel, Nitin Chowdhary
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