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April - 2019


Cover Sustainability of concrete in terms of thermal mass and low operational CO2 makes it a first choice of the construction industry over steel. However increasing CO2 emissions remains a threat for reinforced concrete by bringing down the alkalinity around the rebars creating a conducive environment for corrosion. Yet, bolstered by research findings and appropriate specifications in standards, it is now possible to construct infrastructure lasting for a long service life.

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  • Carbonation and its effect on microstructure of concrete with fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag B. S. Dhanya, Sundar Rathnarajan, Mann Santhanam, Radhakrishna G. Pillai and Ravindra Gettu
  • The effect of supplementary cementitious materials, w/b ratio and initial moist curing on carbonation of concrete in a semi-arid, urban environment Yunus Ballim, Yunusa Al Hassan
  • Carbonation performance of OPC-Slag-Fly Ash binder system Vineet Shah, Shashank Bishnoi
  • Strength and durability parameters of carbonated mineral admixture concrete Shaik Hussain, Dipendu Bhunia and S. B. Singh
  • Improving the carbonation resistance of self-compacting concrete containing recycled concrete aggregates using blended cements Navdeep Singh, S. P Singh
  • Performance-based specification of concrete for durability: carbonation-induced corrosion Sivakumar Kandasami
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