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November - 2017

  • POINT OF VIEW: Effect of hybrid fibers and mineral admixture on properties of high strength concrete M.M. Magdum and V.V. Karjinni
  • POINT OF VIEW: An experimental study on alternative cementitious materials: Bagasse ash as partial replacement for cement in structural lightweight concrete Yashwanth M.K., Avinash. G.B., Raghavendra A. and B.G. Naresh Kumar
  • POINT OF VIEW: Experimental analysis of utilization of Shahabad stone waste in concrete Shrithi S. Badami
  • Technical Papers
  • An investigation on the behaviour of metakaoline based hybrid fiber reinforced concrete when subjected to acid attack Shreepad Desai and Prakash K.B.
  • Influence of various exposure conditions on the structural performance of sandwich wall panels Vishnu B., Aditi Chauhan, Danie Roy and U.K. Sharma
  • Prediction of compressive strength of concrete using electrical resistivity measurement on cement and fine aggregate replacement R.K. Mishra and R.K. Tripathi
  • Improving strength of recycled fine aggregate concrete using metakaolinKrishnamurthy Pandurangan and Rajendiran Arunpandian
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