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October - 2017

  • DISCUSSION FORUM: Performance of micro steel polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete under impact load
  • POINT OF VIEW: Seismic response prediction of reinforced concrete single barrel shell structures by nonlinear static analysisR. Pathak and R.K. Khare
  • POINT OF VIEW: Durability of offshore structures – Engineer’s judgement vs codal recommendationSubash T.R., Dhanasekaran B. and Manoj Kumar S.A
  • Technical Papers
  • Strength improvement studies of bacterial concreteSSalmabanu Luhar and Ismail Luhar
  • Influence of compressive strength of concrete on b-value of acoustic emissions released during reinforced concrete fracture R.Vidya Sagar
  • Strength characteristics of mortar using shirasu as admixtureDhruva N. Katpady, Koji Takewaka and Toshinobu Yamaguchi
  • Expended energy based damage assessment of RC bare frame using nonlinear pushover analysis A. Vimala, R. Pradeep Kumar and C.V.R. Murty
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