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July - 2017

  • POINT OF VIEW : Durable concrete will be more suitable for different applications in projects Kalyan K. Ganguly
  • DISCUSSION FORUM: Understanding HYSD reinforcing bars used in Indian construction industry (from seismic point of view)
  • Technical Papers
  • Round robin testing of durability parameters – Towards identification of suitable durability tests for concrete B.S. Dhanya, Manu Santhanam, Vijay Kulkarni, Prakash Nanthagopalan Shashank Bishnoi, S.P. Singh, G. Indu Siva Ranjani, P. Dinakar, and S. Bhaskar
  • Strength and durability characteristics of cement mortar S. Sahoo, P.K. Parhi and B.C. Panda
  • Bacterial concrete: A way to enhance the durability of concrete structures Arun K. Chakraborty and Sandip Mondal
  • Performance evaluation of field curing methods using durability index testsSaarthak Surana, Radhakrishna G. Pillai and Manu Santhanam
  • Durability and serviceability performance of GFRP rebars as concrete reinforcement Aditya S. Rajput and Umesh K. Sharma
  • Repair, restoration and retrofitting of in service concrete structures in India - Case studies Satish Sharma, Rizwan Anwar, Ankit Sharma and TVG Reddy
  • Study on strength and durability properties of fly ash aggregates concrete Naveena M.P., G. Narayana and Ravichandra R
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