May - 2017

  • POINT OF VIEW: Environmental clearance Acts and Rules - Evolution and experience Ajit K. Sinha and K.N. Jha
  • POINT OF VIEW: Effect of different aspect ratio of steel fiber on mechanical properties of high strength concreteS.S. Kadam and V.V. Karjinni
  • Technical Papers
  • Correlation between rapid visual survey score and possible damage of a building Ajay K. Sreerama, Chenna Rajaram and R. Pradeep Kumar
  • Seismic performance of masonry infilled reinforced concrete structures Arshad K. Hashmi and Alok Madan
  • Investigations on the effect of gradual cooling on the properties of fly ash concrete subjected to sustained elevated temperatures Shweta Patil and K.B. Prakash
  • Durable concrete by packing density methodS.K. Dhawan, Itihas Dhareppagol and B. Bhattacharjee
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