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March - 2017

  • POINT OF VIEW: Some steps towards producing durable structures in cement concrete at project sites Kartik Chandra Ta
  • POINT OF VIEW: Challenges in design and construction of temporary bridges across water bodiesVivek G. Abhyankar
  • Technical Papers
  • Simple and cost effective methods to test the fineness of fly ash Abhinav Bindal, Saureesh Sahai, Satya Medepalli and Shashank Bishnoi
  • HFRHPC interior beam-column-joints with slab under reverse cyclic loading N. Ganesan, M. Nidhi and P.V. Indira
  • Design methodology for fibre reinforced concrete slabs-on-grade based on inelastic analysis Sunitha K. Nayar and Ravindra Gettu
  • Study of the parameters governing the chloride induced corrosion of reinforcement steel in cracked concreteBhaskar Sangoju, Ravindra Gettu and B.H. Bharatkumar
  • Evaluation of performance of concrete with calcined clay limestone cementAshok K. Tiwari, Sandeep Keskar and Subrato Chowdhury
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