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February - 2017

  • POINT OF VIEW: Unification of ordinary portland cement codes M.C. Nataraja
  • POINT OF VIEW: Equivalent static analysis of box culvert for fire tender loadingPrasad R. Vaidya
  • Technical Papers
  • Nanoparticulate matters in cement, concrete and construction – Performance and EHS perspectives Anjan K. Chatterjee
  • Influence of silica fume on alkali-silica reaction : A comprehensive study using accelerated tests on cement mortar bars A. Poonguzhali, M.G. Pujar, V. Venkatachalapathy, J. Ashok Kumar, K.V. Rajkumar, Anish Kumar, C. Mallika and U. Kamachi Mudali
  • Behavior of shear wall with openings - A review Muthukumar G. and Manoj Kumar
  • Parametric study of carbon FRP prestressed concrete box girdersShamsher B. Singh and Siddharth Awasthi
  • Parametric evaluation of tension stiffening effect for reinforced concrete nuclear facility structuresNitheesh N., Sudipta Chattopadhyaya and C Sivathanu Pillai
  • Durability studies of chemically cured fly ash pellet aggregate geopolymer concreteK.V. Viswa Kireeti and J. Karthikeyan
  • Influence of different demolished old structures concrete as coarse aggregate on properties of concreteM. Chakradhara Rao, S.K. Bhattacharyya and S.V. Barai
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