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September - 2016

    Technical Papers
  • Enhancing slab performance through the use of steel fibres in concrete Harvinder Singh
  • Comparison of strength between retempered concrete of two different grades A.R. Pethkar and G.K. Deshmukh
  • Strengthening of RC beams with textile reinforced concrete overlays produced using textile reinforced concrete prototyping technology Smitha Gopinath, A. Ramachandra Murthy and Nagesh R. Iyer
  • Modelling of framed shear walls for non-linear analyses of reinforced concrete buildings B. Surya Teja and Amlan K. Sengupta
  • Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on the strength and durability properties of recycled aggregate concrete M. Manjunath and K.B. Prakash
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  • Point of View : Durability reduction pattern of concrete against sulfate attack under dry-wet cycles Xu Cundong, Ding Lianying, Liu Hui, Wang Rongrong, Wen qinyu and Lian Haidong
  • Point of View : Effects of soil structure interaction on cylindrical water tanks Virendra P. Dehadrai and R.K. Ingle
  • Point of View : Mechanical properties of fly ash based geopolymer concrete with addition of GGBS V. Bhikshma and T. Naveen Kumar
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