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January - 2016

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  • Point of View: Need of an efficient procedure for the evaluation of pozzolanic performance of supplementary cementitious materials A. Bahurudeen, Hemalatha M.S. and Manu Santhanam
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  • Technical Papers
  • Development of nano modified photocatalyst enabled cement composites Maitri Mapa, A. Rama Chandra Murthy and Nagesh R. Iyer
  • An experimental investigation on nano-TiO2 and fly ash based high performance concreteTiago Martins, F. Pacheco Torgal, Sérgio Miraldo, José Barroso Aguiar and Carlos Jesus
  • Investigation on lightweight aggregate concrete using pumice as partial replacement of coarse aggregateAditi Singh and Shilpa Pal
  • Analysis of waste clay brick as supplementary cementitious materialSandeep D. Kadam, Shilpa Kewate, Sandeep V. Keskar and Subrato Chowdhury
  • Prediction of long term compressive strength of concrete made with supplementary cementitious material through regression analysis T. Hemalatha, Hari Hara Sudhan and Nagesh R. Iyer
  • Characterisation of manufactured fine aggregates based on uncompacted void content as per ASTM C 1252-03 – Urgent need for Indian scenarioM.C. Nataraja, S. Karthik and A.N. Madhusudan
  • Determining efficiency factor of fly ash for the design and strength prediction of concrete Supratic Gupta, Vimete Pusa and Khuito Murumi
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