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March - 2014

    Technical Papers
  • Performance of innovative and durable CFCC prestressed and reinforced beams under shear Nabil F. Grace and Soubhagya K. Rout
  • Maintenance priority index for bridges Sanjay Wakchaure, Vishnu Jayan and Kumar Neeraj Jha
  • Research on vertical bearing capacity of composite piles Liu Xiao-tong and Yue Jian-wei
  • Seismic forces in members supporting floating columns in a typical reinforced concrete multi-storeyed building Sabah Farheen, Babu S. Munda and Amlan K. Sengupta
  • Durability indices for concretes with different dosages of mineral admixtures Santhosh G. Cheriyan, B.S. Dhanya and Manu Santhanam
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  • Discussion Forum : Utilisation of different types of manufactured sand as fine aggregate in cement mortar
  • Book Review : Design of reinforced concrete structures
  • Point of View : Computational methods in service life modeling of concrete structures Sanjeev K. Verma, Sudhir S. Bhadauria and Saleem Akhtar
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